May Love be your Path ...

Hi everyone ... White Tiger Angel here ...
Happy 2015 !!!!
And for the first post of 2015, i'm going to make the fast summary of the year and then,
hopefully talk a little bit ( because, while i have write this, i have my kitchen and my 
bedroom to clean up, so hurry i must ...)
2014 was a year that saw me in various situations that took a lot out of me ...
I did try to change somethings about me, but, in the end, trying to be all over the 
place, trying to sort things out for myself, while trying to help my friends in and out,
proved to be a little bit too much that i could bargain for. 
Yet, i thought i still could manage it ... And to some extend, yes, just didn't have the 
right tools or the right approach to somethings. 
It was overwhelming at sometimes ... Went to some very dark corners ... 
And i admitted it ... I was contemplating on suicide for awhile ... 
It seemed easy to do and i was really tired of all of this things that i couldn't solve 
quickly enough or simply were way out of my range of actions, because, i demanded
so much out of myself, like i always do.
And then, all of a sudden, i was understanding the reasoning and the thought process
of someone who i really loved in my life, who i tried to do everything in my power just 
to show her, how beautiful life is ... All of a sudden, I was there ...
In that dark corner ... Not wanting to live, not wanting to do anything more with me.
Just take some pills and go to sleep, dwell into oblivion. 
But, as soon as those thoughts arose in my mind and heart, it also triggered the 
promise i made to her, after she died ... I promised her that i would show her that
life is beautiful, even though it has some bumps ... I promised her no matter things 
would get with me, i would live to show her through my eyes, the little things that 
make all of this worth ... I had to keep my promise ... I was a gentleman, i can't and i couldn't break the promise I made to her. Although, i could not save her from herself,
my actions, my words and my love would be a reminder of her spirit, that spirir that i 
saw when we first met .. That spirit that i was trying to shine in front of her ...
My spirit and my promise prevailed ... Still i carry my promise ... 
Later this year, things started turning ... Little by little ... And things move on ... 
And i do my best to learn and to provide knowledge and wisdom ...
So, with all of that, I come to the subject in matter ...
"May Love be your Path" ...
People who know me from here and there, online and in real life, know that i support my friends and sometimes do the impossible.
And throughout the last months, it seems that all that i've been working on is, indeed, 
paths of Love.

I will only mention 2 names and the rest of them, i know that I'm there helping in a help in hand and in much more that they ever can witness. It's a kind of magic, indeed it is ...

Wanda Kelly is the first ...

This Lady ... She is really a Bombshell, inside and out.
But, i'm not here to talk about beauty and aesthetics, 
i'm here to honour a beautiful woman ... 
( And i know that i can talk about this, since, i was one of the first persons to support 
and show her how she is special to me ... )
It came to my knowledge that my very best friend Wanda, was in a very nasty separation process that eventually made her lost some things in her life ...
I always knew that she is a very special woman and this was not going to stop her from 
being who she is, yet, when there's a breakup, specially a very bad one, i know the toll it takes. And all of the cost for the surrounding people.
So, my mission was simple ... With the help of Love, picked her up and help her dusting herself off again and allowing her to transform into the bombshell she is ...
For me, it was always a pleasure and honour to be able to give my time and all of the best that i have to this amazing woman who i honestly wanted to see growing and to be able to show all of the best she have inside of her. 
This woman is as beautiful inside as she is in the outside.

To be able to give to her the gift of womanhood or just remind her of her true self,
was never more heartwarming and more endearing to me,as it still is ... 
All that i did and i would and i will do again is just pulling her true nature and show it 
to all of the world to see ... Show her true colors in the most simple and easiest way,
giving to her the hand for the Love Path that i built for her to begin with ...

The other person who i am going to call out, does not need introductions ...

After all, she is my favourite person to be with and to talk to, whenever i get the 
chance to ... Because, come on, being the cupid can be tough at times ...
Yes, i'm talking about Clarissa Silva aka Cookie ....
Looks like my final mission is now complete ...
All of my hard work in the backstages, finally, gave some rewards, and of course,
lot of work on her part ... But, to fit a great woman, you need a great man. 
And great man are on very high demand right now ... 

But, like a good wine that needs time to mature to be fully aprecciated, 
the same thing happened here ... 
Great things need time to be built and to be perfected ... 
Love is only of the those things ... 

She is one of my closest and deepest friends i encountered. 
I have her back anytime, anywhere, even from faraway ... 

And i guess, since this was my personal last mission, i can retire my wings 
and go into the sunset ...
I was more than happy when i looked into the announcement ...
And the Love Path that i helped creating, now, it's in good hands ...

Time for a Special Mention ...
A big shoutout to Christopher Voggelman and Maggie Unzuela for their 
wedding ... 
Yes, it's also a Love Path, but, in this case, i didn't do anything, Love 
took care of itself ...

For the persons mentioned in this post and for all of those who were not
mentioned, May Love Be your Path ...

That's my wish for 2015 ...

May Love be Your Path ...

And see you around ...

Namaste ...

Live, Learn, Love



Heart of a man, love of an angel ...

I've been trying to sum up the inspiration and strengh to write this post.
In a attempt to put all i was feeling and to make sense of it, i wrote a draft almost 2 pages long ... 
I needed to put all that i couldn't say into paper.
I needed time alone to allow myself to let out all of the unwanted emotions i was bottling up, before it was to late ...
Trying to come up with the right things to say isn't easy, specially like this.

My emotions get the best out of me ...
It's a problem that i keeep constantly having to deal with ...
I have to be a little silent, just to get my thoughts cleared and acknowlegde 
what i have to do ...
And sometimes, some hard decisions have to be made, in order to make the best 
that I have to give to everyone and everything.
I wrote almost page and a half about my up bringing.
This was a mere introduction to what i had to really say about the various situations 
that i'm currently dealing with ...
Little by little, i decided to make this post happen ... And here it is ... 

Along my life, I always tried to be a good person. Not a perfect one, as i wanted ... 
With that, came all the support system that gave myself a reputation, or more 
a notion about who i was to others, Whether be in real life or in the online world.
As i go through my posts, i found my first post of this year. 
And i say that when i wrote that, i mean everything and so much more ...
That so much more is what i'm about to show to everyone ...

Percy Slegde had a song called " When a man loves a woman " ...
He tells that when a man loves a woman, he does everything because she is the one 
he loves ... 
I agree ... But, there's a twist on this ... He doesn't have a song called " When a man 
loves women " ...
The very concept of loving women gives space to so many things, that some of them,
I heard through my life. 
I was raised by women, and so, when i say i love women and they are special to me, 
I'm not in any kind of concept saying that i just see women as sexual creatures.
Life and Love taught me to see them as a whole. 
Giving that my values towards women, are the highest and that i don't like when
anyone is doing something wrong to them, i get sometimes all kinds of insults and 
all kinds of misconceptions about the way i say that.
My heart is a man's heart, it's naturaly designed to be a lover ...
And there's another word that gets a bad rep, all because, of the concept of being 
a cheater ... 
No man who really loves, cheats. He prefers to get himself hurt, rather than, hurting 
a woman.
Then again, is me saying that, and sometimes is old-fashion. So, i'm a old-fashion kind 
of man.
I Love ... That's it, that's who i am as a human being. Even though, i have my flaws.
Loving sometimes can be tough, because of all of the hard decisions you have to make,
not to hurt or to place someone in suffering.
Loving on a very deep level can, sometimes, be even more difficult.
This is my position right now.
My heart was broken, yet, all i do is just say, be happy. And i mean it. 
I still love that person, i just don't want to get hurt again.
So, I love them like an angel. Someone who cares deeply about them, someone
that wants them to be happy and smiling, but, that's it. Nothing more than that.
And it's hard when you have to say that to someone who you shared deep and intimate
moments with you. Again, the heart says, it's better this way. You still have the love 
and affection of a friendship, but, otherwise, it can't be.
And that's the sacrifice i make. I choose to cherish and lead by example, showing that
even with my heart broken, i Love them. In a very deep and meaningful way.
It's an honour to carry their love through me ... 
Yet, i'm a one woman kind of guy. I may love my female friends, but, i only have space 
for one. And that one is going to be who i spend the rest of my life with.
That's who i am ... That's what love means to me ...
It's never easy, but, it's who i am. 

Nothing more, Nothing less. Just like the title says, heart of a man, love of an angel.

Live, Learn, Love 





Random Acts of Kindness

Hello ...

I decided to write down something, because, A- I tend to forget if i don't write down what i want to and B- It's something worth writting and sharing with all of you ...

I have to apologize if my writting isn't very simple, it's just because i have so much to do and so much to work through and if i don't put all in, i will lose my mind over it.

In the midst of all the chaos going on around me and inside me, there's moments when i 
stumble upon myself doing something out of ordinary. 
And when i look back at them, i realize that all i did was just a spur of the moment thing.
Something i usualy not do often because of many factors.

I decided to call them " Random Acts of Kindness." 
Because, all i create is just a suprise and a memory for the person.

The first one that i realized i did, was back in June 7. 
I had my gear ready to do a book release event, but, I  was, for unknown reasons, 
not feeling in to do or even be at the event. 
But, the gentleman and friend side of me, insisted that i had to do it, since this was
a book release by one of my publishing friends, and did have a postcard to deliver, 
as a suprise to her. 
I wandered around town and sat down near the river. ( check my photo album ) 
This was almost in the begining of the afternoon, so, people just enjoying themselves,
enjoying the scenary. And me, in need of some relaxation.
My mind was going rampid wild. I was tired of walking around with my gear, and i needed
just a moment to calm down.
So, i sat near a girl who was lying in the floor, reading a book. 
The moment i looked at her, something went off. 
She was just there, with no worries, just being herself.
I couldn't stop looking at her. Thank God i was wearing my sunglasses. 
No, i didn't have the pervert look. I was just trying to come to my senses of what 
was happening. Looking around, looking into the river in front of me. 
Looking for reasons of why was this happening. 
Suddenly, i took my faithful paper notebook and in my mind a song played in my 
head, over and over again to the point i was singing just for me. 
The song is called " Loucos de Lisboa ", which is roughly translated as " Fools of Lisbon ",
and describes just the plain innocence of a fool in Lisbon, and their abilty to make 
us believe in their imagination.
And i started to write a poem to this girl, right next to me.
The words just rushed into the paper. I had to write them down. It was imperative.
After all this, my mind went into a stall.
" What was i going to do with what i just wrote ? ".
 "I could keep it for myself or i just go there and deliver this to her."
That's what i thought. I waited and thought hard. and again, my senses said that
the only thing i had to do was to deliver the poem to her, since, this poem was not
about me, it rightfully belonged to the girl.
So, as i'm about to leave, i ripped the page of and out on a limb approached her.
Said that i was sorry that i was looking too much at her, that i was a poet and 
i wrote this poem for her.
Her reaction was a litlle bit suprised, not knowing how to react to this guy, who
was being nice to her and also delivering a poem that he wrote. She thanked me.
And i thanked her, wished her a nice afternoon, and moved along...
I didn't sign the paper. Didn't put my facebook or any type of contact.
I didn't take her picture also.
All i did was just responding almost to a calling inside of me.
I had to do that. For no particular reason. It gave me a smile.
Long story short, I went to the event, set my gear up and 15 minutes later, 
I had to leave. Basicaly, i think now, i had a panic attack.
Later that evening, i posted this story in my profile and my writer and poet friends,
liked the uniqueness of this ..
For those of you who don't know, I write some things, that people call poetry, 
in my language. And when i say that i write some things, it's because, 
I don't consider myself a writer or a poet. I just do something that i love.

I thought that was going to be an isolated act. 
But, it happened again, in the same place, this time circunstances and the girl was
I was with my friend talking to him, showing some advice to him on some matters.
And since writting is somewhat therapheutic, i said to him to write something down,
as i was going to do some photos.
Went across the sidewalk just looking around, doing some random photos.
And then, i came across this girl that was stting down, almost in the same place
where the other was and she was writting and having a warm drink.
Again, i was immediately drawn to her. This time, it was because the cover of her
notebook, was the poster of one of my all time favourite movies " The fabulous destiny
of Amélie."
And i rushed towards my bag to take my pen and notebook and said to him,
Wait for me. I'm going to do something crazy again.
Sat next to her. Wrote the poem called " Tea and words ".
With no hesitation, delivered the poem. She was very suprised also, but, cheerful about
it. She was foreign and understood what i was giving to her. 
This time putted my facebook profile, if she wanted to see the photo ...
Her reaction was beautiful, big smile, huge thanks to me. 
Putted a big smile on me.

So, " Randoms acts of Kindness " are these moments. 
When, without thinking, i just give someone a suprise and a memory.
It's not about the gesture, i think is all about putting a smile and making
of a memory. 

And the proof ?

Here's the proof ...

So, i guess, in the midst of all of chaos, I still have time to do
" Random Acts of Kindness"...


Live, Learn, Love


Where you've been ??? Where are you ???

This is what i get from staying low for a while.
Just as i'm trying to collect all the stuff i wrote in paper, all my scribbles and drafts, aka,
poems and some love letters and some other stuff, I get a sense on how much chaotic
my life is right now.
When i started this blog, i wanted to write about positive things. And my ethics on the blog is: if i don't have anything goood to say to anyone, i just stay silent.
These couple of months have been a roller coaster.
A BIG learning curve in one way, and a lot of chaos entering through the main gate.
So, just before i entered a serious "crash and burn" state, i decided to lay for a while.
No friend of mine has the right to see me being rude and being unapologetic about something i did out of just plain complete bad mind state.
So, I rather be laying low, than to be a party killer for anyone ...
I am far away from everyone including myself.
I'm just not ready yet to talk or to post somethings on the G+ side of life.
There's a lot going on, and, i'm just struggling to get myself straighten out.
Where am I ? Honestly, i don't know the answer to that.
I'm just trying to maintain my mind into not thinking other things ...
I don't have a answer to give to you when i'm going to be back to my normal self.
Maybe, i will never be on my normal self. Maybe, i just building a new state of being me.
And all i know is that i don't want to bother you with things that only i can understand.
So, where am i ?? My profile pic, says everything ...
So, i'm sorry if i can't say where i am ...
Namaste ...

Live, Learn, Love ...


To my Mom ( Tribute to Motherhood )

This post s going to be one of the most difficult i write.
Because, it's going to talk about someone i owe my life.

A person who, even with her flaws, just wanted to be happy.
And that person is my mom ...
On march 9, it will be 2 years of her passage. 
And as a son, i had some issues with her. 
But, despite all of that, i loved her.
After all said and done, she left me so much in me and to me.
All I do is because, she was a human being on her path.
The day she died was surreal. But, in the end, i knew she was at peace.
Not suffering. That was truly important to me.
I try to honour her by being the man she taught me to be.
Taught to be a friends friend, taught to help and give a help in hand.
Taught how you should treat a woman. How to be a husband almost.
She was actually collecting things for when i got married or live with someone.
She wanted grandchildren, but, given my situation, she knew it was hard.
Now, i see the miracle of motherhood, coming to the daugher of my friend and
fellow blogger, +TheHip Grandmother
And i know for certain that baby Victoria, will have plenty of love, from both mom, 
grandmom and extended family.
I know that for all that i know, i just scratch the surface of what is truly mothehood.
Yet, is to all of my female friends who have the blessing of having sons and daughters,
that i try to write what it means to be a mother.
But, most specially to my girlfriend ...
Knowing her struggle now happily finished, makes me feel more humbled.
I saw how much motherhood meant to her. Despite all things she had to go through.
That made me feel so utterly small and so mesmerized.
How i can give to this woman, just a small part of the love she gives to her son ?
That's when i remembered how my mom struggled to have money to pay the bills.
To keep her house afloat.
And with all that meant and not having the support of a man who truly helped and supported her and her son.
That's the challenge i face ...
Motherhood is a proof that Love is what we all have inside of us.
A mother is someone who is there to guide and to protect. 
To help and to confort in a moment of need.
And her undeniable Love is one of the most treasured presents the world has to give.
So, My big Thank You to all the mothers o the world who with love, change the world 
and leave the world with a sense of acomplishment, so honourful and so, sometimes,
I will put down 2 videos that i think they reprensent what is a mother.
See you all in another post ...

Love you Mom ... Your Son ...

Live, Learn, Love.


Learning and loving even more the most beautiful beings in the world, women.

Hi everyone !! Happy 2014 for you all !!
So, i decided to take this year to change a lot of things about myself.
Not some resolutions that i couldn't stick with.
Some real ones. Just because, i want to achieve my dreams and be in peace
with everything around me.
Things in my love life are on their way. I just have to be patient and do my part.
I'm still the man who likes to be a true friend and help.
I just will be more truthful to my values.
Still, it is in my troubled moments that Love reveals another thing to me.
Since i was a little boy, my main family were mostly female.
Because, i didn't have a father figure, i putted the roll on the female
who resembled mostly that part, which was and still is to this day, my grandmother.
While my mom took care of me, it was my grandmother who teached me about
values of honesty, work ethics and responsibility towards everything.
I was surrounded by women all my time.
And I couldn't be more fascinated and astonished by them.
But yet, i was just a little kid, trying to understand how the grown-up world worked.
Gone were the days of my childhood, and on to my teens, the most hard time for me.
Still, i was intrigued by the other side.
Most of them, were discovering Love and boys.
Boys were discovering their roles and their sexuality.
I, on the other hand, i just observed others, and tried to interact with some of them.
It were troubled times for me.
The more i tried to learn, the worst my situations grew.
So, i didn't have any girlfriend, because, i lacked the fundamentals of a boy.
I was always the kid who was picked upon. I had no "game" with the girls, just because,
i grew with a certain type of values, teached by family.
Yet, girls liked me as a friend. I had no problems with that, the only problem was when the boundaries of friendship were a little bit blurry.
And again, i tried to understand what they were thinking when they picked boys who were treating them like i was taught not to.
I wanted them to see me as the guy who would treat them the way i was to taught.
Anyway, i grew up knowing that girls wouldn't see me as boyfriend material, so, i just accepted that and moved on ...
Yet again, i sticked to my principles and values.
What i discovered in the midst of all this, was that either them or me were wrong.
They are just working things out for themselves. Sometimes, they get it right, sometimes, they don't. 
Yes, i tried to help some of them, into getting a better and a truthful version of themselves, so that they could achieve what they want. 
And what amazes me is the potential that they show in some things.
Specially mothers. Well, all mums don't come with a instruction book, saying that this is the way you handle them. But, from what i've seen through out my life is simply incredible and never ceases to amaze me.
I writting this to honour and also make my statement about what motherhood represents to me. 
Right now, i found out that one of my facebook girl friend is a grandmother.
She said that when she was holding her grandchild it brought her back 24 years back,

when she was delivering her daughter. 
And the same thing is happening as i write with my g+ and fellow blogger +TheHip Grandmother. Seeing the excitment and the hope of a newborn, makes me astonished of
how much a woman can stand. 
Her daugther showed a picture on her facebook profile of the anatomical view of birth and implied that men couldn't endure that.
That made me recall the video of the future dads that were exposed to a experiment in order to them to feel what is almost birth pains.
All of them, aggreed and were amused on what their respective other have to go through.
And remember this was only done with some electrodes on their stomach area and apllied some shocks to mimic contractions.
Besides that, their whole perspective changes just because of this human being that was created.
Women are much more than we can imagine. 
Just because i'm a man, doesn't mean that i don't have anything to offer them.
Actually, what i offer to my special someone goes way beyond what she really deserves.
Yet, I offer that with honour and Love ... 
In writting this post, I wanted to say how much appreciation i can't describe towards them. Specially, the ones that i love ... 
And i say to them all, that I can only be honoured to be taught by them, how much important they really are in life ... 
So, Thank you to all Women. But, more specially to the ones that i carry in my heart.
Bless you with all the Love that i can give to you, as a sign of gratefulness.
Namaste !!! 

Live, Learn, Love



Love: A Special Present ...

Hello everyone !!! Welcome to this post ...
Please feel free to relax and to just hear me out for a bit.
I promise i won't be too boring. 
Feel free to smile as you read this, because, that's my intention throughout this ...
I want to give to you a simple but yet very useful Present.
What is that Present ? My Present is Love.
I write this to my special someone, who's birthday is today and since we don't have 
time to be with each other, I'm going to make her an offer she can't refuse.
It's about 01.45 Am. I should be in bed sleeping, yet, i'm here writting this to her and also 
to you all.
Can I say that my Present is just beautiful in any time of the year ?
In matter of fact, that's understated, it goes all year round ...
How brilliant is that ? 
You don't have to get money to buy this. You already have it inside of you.
Try to think of one person you simply can't live without.
Thought it ? How comes in your body and mind when you think about them ?
What to do enjoy doing, alone or with someone ?
What is that feeling tickiling your entire body ?
That my friends, is my PRESENT !!! Love ...
My beautiful and special someone knows how much Love means to her.
Throughout my day, most of my thoughts are Presents to everyone.
But, more specialy to my special someone.
For all the couples out there, Instead of giving expensive flowers and romantic
dinners, try giving this special present to your respective partner.
Say to her or him, how much they are important in your life and how you cherish that.
It may sound quite chessy and quite clichet, but, it's worth the try.
You are giving the most special Present that you have ...
Your LOVE !!!
In my heart and mind, i want to do so many things to be with her, and to compensate all this time that we can't be together.
But, it's not going to be all the expensive things or the places I want to take her,
Is my Present, My love, devotion and truth to her.
I may not have all the exact words to say to her, but she understands that is not the words, is the Present much more special and valueable that counts.
Yes, i occasionaly go crazy and do something to her. Why not ?
Enjoy the Present together. That's what is so good about my Present.
You can share it with others ... It's not that hard.
Now, after you read this, Go ahead and share my Present with all people.
This Present is so precious that in reward you will get more Presents ...
And isn't that all we want ? Some Presents in the stocking, since christmas is around the corner.
Now, let me adress my Special Someone. I suggest you do the same ...
Just follow my lead ... Ok ? Here i go:

Hi, My love.
So, since it's your birthday and i know that i am with you in heart and mind, I wanted
to take this opportunity to say to you how much you make my life a Beautiful Present.
All day, all i can think is how much Love can i give to you. And the answer is always the same, All the Love you deserve and more. Because, you are special to many people.
And those people want you to share their Special Present with you.
I know it's not a great birthday gift. But, it's one that comes from My heart and from 
everyone who loves you. 
So, I will whisper in your hear, I love you always and forever more.
Happy Birthday, My love !!! XXXXX - WTA

Did you followed me ? Good ...
See, my Present is the Ultimate of Presents, Is a Divine Present.
And it's all inside of you. 
Share the Present and Feel free to Make your own Present for you and others.
Thank you for reading this. My Present is there in your heart.

Live, Learn, Love 



A special message for my G+ Circle "Hangout Family & Friends "

This post is dedicated to my G+ circle "Hangout Family and Friends"

Hi, everyone. 
If you're seeing this, you're a member of my vast growing circle of Hangout Family 
and Friends ...
I wanted to write something special to all of you who give me the oppurtunity to be
myself, in my many forms.
I feel blessed to have you from all over the world and to just have an opportunity to express myself to the best way that i know.
As i feel blessed to try to help you on your own lifes, and see your life unfolding ...
I'm sorry if i don't have all the resources to get to see you all ... But, i have big dreams.
And i like dreaming big, so, who knows ?
Everyone in the circle has a special place in my soul and in my mind and heart.
I may be not with you everyday, but, when i am i try to make it special for all ...
But. still i have my flaws that i have to work on ...
OK, after that said, here's why i'm dedicating this post for you.
I'm going to tell you a litlle secret about me.
For every laugh that i give and for everytime you make me smile and i make you smile,
there's a thousand silent tears that i don't put out there for you to see.
I don't put them, because they are private emotions that i hide.
I don't show them, but, i have to feel them and sometimes to accumulate them.
I'm not immune to emotions. And that's a positive thing.
I may not be the perfect person, but, i don't want to be that.
I just want understanding of myself, and of others, so i can help myself and others 
to overcome common obstacules. 
I like the connection that the hangouts bring to me ...
They bring a chance to reach into people that are like me or more awsome ...
And i thank google for giving the opportunity to connect myself to the world.
But, there's a time when one has to refrain from the opportunites that Social Media 
gives to oneself, and just balance himself with all that surrounds him.
When someone puts and invests a lot of friendship into the people he meet, 
it's not hard to just get lost in the many lifes he tries to help and change ...
My social media endevours have been sucessful in the order that i meet 
Extraordinary people with dreams and goals just like me ...
But, also, to have a chance to meet them outside social media.
I've done it, and i gained many many friends ...
Now, it's time for me to center myself. 
Time to not shut the door permantly of Social Media, but rather, move to leave the door
half open, for some time.
If you follow my blog, you know that i'm currently surrounded by just too many things 
i can handle myself and that deserve my attention.
So, I need to have a little hiatus.
In order to get to my best self and to have more to give to you all, i have to step aside from Social Media and stop before i crash down on my life.
I think about you and how can i reach to more people besides you ...
Life is all about teaching and learning, and by doing so, i also improve my quality of time and life. 
So, My moto following the book " Eat, Pray, Love" is something like this, " Live, Learn, Love".
First Live life and try to enjoy the moments you have.
Learn with them , in order to help yourself and other in the process.
And last but not least, LOVE !!! That's the most important thing that you have in life.
And it's the only thing that truly connects you to the world.
OK, don't know much else to say to all of you.
So, just wait until my arrival ...

Live, Learn, Love ...

Namaste ... 


Going through the challenges of life ...

Well, there's a lot to say like always ...

My dream is to be a life coach, a person who can help others to find their mission.

But, in order to do that, i have to perfect myself.
And that's a life challenge.
I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
What i tell, comes from personal experience.
As like my very good friend Clarissa's blog.
With two exceptions: first, i'm not a new york woman. And second, i'm not a licensed practitioner.
But, since my whole life is been around them, i learned a thing or two.
I've learned many things in my many storms.
But, one thing i couldn't learned  about was relationships, because i was denied one way or the other.
And that was one thing i really wanted to feel and learn.
There's a lot i learned by the way i saw other relationships.
And also by my family values.
Now, i'm in the midlle of one of my biggest storms i had to face in my life.
To many things happening which need my attention.
I can't control many things that happen, but, since i have a side of me who likes to try
to help, I want to help in way possible. 
Because, i've been through so much, i don't want anyone to go there, unless,
they have to do it.
I admire those who can in the midst of the storms can have a smile to give to me.
I strive on smiles and try to accomplish what i want to do ...
They are my guides and i try to understand what i can share with them ...
To be a life coach, besides having the skills and the knowlegde and the degree, you must have a true wish to help others and in that process try to understand yourself.
I have a wish to help others, but, i don't have any degree on that matter.
At least, is a honest and compassionate wish.
My guidance system is all over the place ...
Storms coming and going ...
And you can only take that much.
I confess that these times i haven't been much of a good person.
I'm not doing what i should do. ~
I'm not being a man.
I'm knowned for giving everything of me in the places and people that i meet.
Maybe, it's a flaw that i have.
Sometimes, i just want to lay on my bed and try to rest my head and my body.
The results ? No results at all.
I have to apologize for this post, not being one of the most positive and cool posts,
yet, I have a duty to tell the truth.
Going through all of this brings wisdom and humbleness.
However, wisdom and humbleness are meant to be shared.
One of the biggest problems that i face is the lack of gratefulness that i experience
on my everyday life.
I'm 30 years old and still trying to find my path.
The ultimate result of all of this is having a meltdown, and going to the hospital.
And that's what i'm trying to avoid.
I don't want anyone saying that is because of them that i do this or that i'm having this.
It's nobody's fault.
So, it's only up to me that i have to restructure my whole self once more.
It's the only way that i can go through the storms and try to suceed.
My next posts will be more far and in between, but, hopefully i can bring more positiveness into this ...
See you in my next post.

Live, Learn, Love ...


The New Chapter Approaches ... Pt 2

Sorry, if i couldn't be more especif in what type of challenges i'm facing, 
but, since i wrote the first part of this post, a lot has been happening to me.
And it's all related to the title of this post.
A new chapter approaching and the challenges and the tribulations which i have to overcome.
First and foremost, I have the most loyal and beatiful group of friends that a man 
can have. 

Whether they are far away or close to me geographaclly, they are amazing people,
with also their struggles and their own victories in life.
And it's always a great feeling knowing that even from far away, they think about you.
WiI just have to mention some of the people and thank them for their friendship, honesty and kindness.

So a big shout to: 

Clarissa Silva, Blogger EXTRAORDINAIRE, who writes the very funny yet very cool blog, 
" Your just a Dumbass ". Check her work out, She is one of the Top Ten New york Bloggers. At least, for me.

Eve Adam, A beatiful and most talent woman who deligths the Ladies and Gents Night 
Out in the Hangouts.
She's a writer, poet and a stunning reciter.
Feel free to check her work out.

Tina Mizell Lollis, A redneck with a cause. Actually a worthy case. Find out more.
Besides that, Queen of the Micro Poetry or to all of you who don't know that twitter 
exists, Is the modern day version of haikus or just little poems scattered troughtout that social network. Freelance editor for the Dyme Squad Magazine.

And her twitter is : @Lollis72, @Dark_Butterflii

Wanda Kelly, The Mama of G+. A Lady that is a extraordinary human being and also is the 
host of the Ladies and Gents Night Out in the Hangouts.
You can find her at the Awsome Ladies and Gents of G+ Community.

Naomi Thompson, the Queen of the Webinars. She is the lady with the opportunities of a 
lifetime ...

Ty Spaeth, This woman is an artist, a mom, a soon-to-be Grandma and a Cat Lover.

And that's some of them ...

Back to the topic ...
As this chapter unfolds, myself and my emotions are being putting to the test, 
in a variaety of ways.
My emotions are running wild as coyotes , howling and trying to contain them is proofing
to be hard.
Besides this, I found Love. Yes, i found Love.
And i'm enjoying at the most that wonderful feeling.
Changes and more changes.
For a couple of months, i've been all over subjects, feelings and emotions.
I'm going through all the stuff i've never discovered in a matter of seconds.
I'm a wanderer. That's a part of my nature. I like movement. 
But, sometimes, i have to stop because, i can just allow myself to go a certain distance.
This new chapter that started is taking a big toll on me.
But, like in a previous post, maybe this is just spiritual growing pains,
things that i have to master in order to achieve my dreams and my things.
So, as a challenge, i'm going to write as much as possible, and compensate you, for my absence of the blog.

Stay tuned for more things to come ...