Love: A Special Present ...

Hello everyone !!! Welcome to this post ...
Please feel free to relax and to just hear me out for a bit.
I promise i won't be too boring. 
Feel free to smile as you read this, because, that's my intention throughout this ...
I want to give to you a simple but yet very useful Present.
What is that Present ? My Present is Love.
I write this to my special someone, who's birthday is today and since we don't have 
time to be with each other, I'm going to make her an offer she can't refuse.
It's about 01.45 Am. I should be in bed sleeping, yet, i'm here writting this to her and also 
to you all.
Can I say that my Present is just beautiful in any time of the year ?
In matter of fact, that's understated, it goes all year round ...
How brilliant is that ? 
You don't have to get money to buy this. You already have it inside of you.
Try to think of one person you simply can't live without.
Thought it ? How comes in your body and mind when you think about them ?
What to do enjoy doing, alone or with someone ?
What is that feeling tickiling your entire body ?
That my friends, is my PRESENT !!! Love ...
My beautiful and special someone knows how much Love means to her.
Throughout my day, most of my thoughts are Presents to everyone.
But, more specialy to my special someone.
For all the couples out there, Instead of giving expensive flowers and romantic
dinners, try giving this special present to your respective partner.
Say to her or him, how much they are important in your life and how you cherish that.
It may sound quite chessy and quite clichet, but, it's worth the try.
You are giving the most special Present that you have ...
Your LOVE !!!
In my heart and mind, i want to do so many things to be with her, and to compensate all this time that we can't be together.
But, it's not going to be all the expensive things or the places I want to take her,
Is my Present, My love, devotion and truth to her.
I may not have all the exact words to say to her, but she understands that is not the words, is the Present much more special and valueable that counts.
Yes, i occasionaly go crazy and do something to her. Why not ?
Enjoy the Present together. That's what is so good about my Present.
You can share it with others ... It's not that hard.
Now, after you read this, Go ahead and share my Present with all people.
This Present is so precious that in reward you will get more Presents ...
And isn't that all we want ? Some Presents in the stocking, since christmas is around the corner.
Now, let me adress my Special Someone. I suggest you do the same ...
Just follow my lead ... Ok ? Here i go:

Hi, My love.
So, since it's your birthday and i know that i am with you in heart and mind, I wanted
to take this opportunity to say to you how much you make my life a Beautiful Present.
All day, all i can think is how much Love can i give to you. And the answer is always the same, All the Love you deserve and more. Because, you are special to many people.
And those people want you to share their Special Present with you.
I know it's not a great birthday gift. But, it's one that comes from My heart and from 
everyone who loves you. 
So, I will whisper in your hear, I love you always and forever more.
Happy Birthday, My love !!! XXXXX - WTA

Did you followed me ? Good ...
See, my Present is the Ultimate of Presents, Is a Divine Present.
And it's all inside of you. 
Share the Present and Feel free to Make your own Present for you and others.
Thank you for reading this. My Present is there in your heart.

Live, Learn, Love 



A special message for my G+ Circle "Hangout Family & Friends "

This post is dedicated to my G+ circle "Hangout Family and Friends"

Hi, everyone. 
If you're seeing this, you're a member of my vast growing circle of Hangout Family 
and Friends ...
I wanted to write something special to all of you who give me the oppurtunity to be
myself, in my many forms.
I feel blessed to have you from all over the world and to just have an opportunity to express myself to the best way that i know.
As i feel blessed to try to help you on your own lifes, and see your life unfolding ...
I'm sorry if i don't have all the resources to get to see you all ... But, i have big dreams.
And i like dreaming big, so, who knows ?
Everyone in the circle has a special place in my soul and in my mind and heart.
I may be not with you everyday, but, when i am i try to make it special for all ...
But. still i have my flaws that i have to work on ...
OK, after that said, here's why i'm dedicating this post for you.
I'm going to tell you a litlle secret about me.
For every laugh that i give and for everytime you make me smile and i make you smile,
there's a thousand silent tears that i don't put out there for you to see.
I don't put them, because they are private emotions that i hide.
I don't show them, but, i have to feel them and sometimes to accumulate them.
I'm not immune to emotions. And that's a positive thing.
I may not be the perfect person, but, i don't want to be that.
I just want understanding of myself, and of others, so i can help myself and others 
to overcome common obstacules. 
I like the connection that the hangouts bring to me ...
They bring a chance to reach into people that are like me or more awsome ...
And i thank google for giving the opportunity to connect myself to the world.
But, there's a time when one has to refrain from the opportunites that Social Media 
gives to oneself, and just balance himself with all that surrounds him.
When someone puts and invests a lot of friendship into the people he meet, 
it's not hard to just get lost in the many lifes he tries to help and change ...
My social media endevours have been sucessful in the order that i meet 
Extraordinary people with dreams and goals just like me ...
But, also, to have a chance to meet them outside social media.
I've done it, and i gained many many friends ...
Now, it's time for me to center myself. 
Time to not shut the door permantly of Social Media, but rather, move to leave the door
half open, for some time.
If you follow my blog, you know that i'm currently surrounded by just too many things 
i can handle myself and that deserve my attention.
So, I need to have a little hiatus.
In order to get to my best self and to have more to give to you all, i have to step aside from Social Media and stop before i crash down on my life.
I think about you and how can i reach to more people besides you ...
Life is all about teaching and learning, and by doing so, i also improve my quality of time and life. 
So, My moto following the book " Eat, Pray, Love" is something like this, " Live, Learn, Love".
First Live life and try to enjoy the moments you have.
Learn with them , in order to help yourself and other in the process.
And last but not least, LOVE !!! That's the most important thing that you have in life.
And it's the only thing that truly connects you to the world.
OK, don't know much else to say to all of you.
So, just wait until my arrival ...

Live, Learn, Love ...

Namaste ... 


Going through the challenges of life ...

Well, there's a lot to say like always ...

My dream is to be a life coach, a person who can help others to find their mission.

But, in order to do that, i have to perfect myself.
And that's a life challenge.
I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
What i tell, comes from personal experience.
As like my very good friend Clarissa's blog.
With two exceptions: first, i'm not a new york woman. And second, i'm not a licensed practitioner.
But, since my whole life is been around them, i learned a thing or two.
I've learned many things in my many storms.
But, one thing i couldn't learned  about was relationships, because i was denied one way or the other.
And that was one thing i really wanted to feel and learn.
There's a lot i learned by the way i saw other relationships.
And also by my family values.
Now, i'm in the midlle of one of my biggest storms i had to face in my life.
To many things happening which need my attention.
I can't control many things that happen, but, since i have a side of me who likes to try
to help, I want to help in way possible. 
Because, i've been through so much, i don't want anyone to go there, unless,
they have to do it.
I admire those who can in the midst of the storms can have a smile to give to me.
I strive on smiles and try to accomplish what i want to do ...
They are my guides and i try to understand what i can share with them ...
To be a life coach, besides having the skills and the knowlegde and the degree, you must have a true wish to help others and in that process try to understand yourself.
I have a wish to help others, but, i don't have any degree on that matter.
At least, is a honest and compassionate wish.
My guidance system is all over the place ...
Storms coming and going ...
And you can only take that much.
I confess that these times i haven't been much of a good person.
I'm not doing what i should do. ~
I'm not being a man.
I'm knowned for giving everything of me in the places and people that i meet.
Maybe, it's a flaw that i have.
Sometimes, i just want to lay on my bed and try to rest my head and my body.
The results ? No results at all.
I have to apologize for this post, not being one of the most positive and cool posts,
yet, I have a duty to tell the truth.
Going through all of this brings wisdom and humbleness.
However, wisdom and humbleness are meant to be shared.
One of the biggest problems that i face is the lack of gratefulness that i experience
on my everyday life.
I'm 30 years old and still trying to find my path.
The ultimate result of all of this is having a meltdown, and going to the hospital.
And that's what i'm trying to avoid.
I don't want anyone saying that is because of them that i do this or that i'm having this.
It's nobody's fault.
So, it's only up to me that i have to restructure my whole self once more.
It's the only way that i can go through the storms and try to suceed.
My next posts will be more far and in between, but, hopefully i can bring more positiveness into this ...
See you in my next post.

Live, Learn, Love ...


The New Chapter Approaches ... Pt 2

Sorry, if i couldn't be more especif in what type of challenges i'm facing, 
but, since i wrote the first part of this post, a lot has been happening to me.
And it's all related to the title of this post.
A new chapter approaching and the challenges and the tribulations which i have to overcome.
First and foremost, I have the most loyal and beatiful group of friends that a man 
can have. 

Whether they are far away or close to me geographaclly, they are amazing people,
with also their struggles and their own victories in life.
And it's always a great feeling knowing that even from far away, they think about you.
WiI just have to mention some of the people and thank them for their friendship, honesty and kindness.

So a big shout to: 

Clarissa Silva, Blogger EXTRAORDINAIRE, who writes the very funny yet very cool blog, 
" Your just a Dumbass ". Check her work out, She is one of the Top Ten New york Bloggers. At least, for me.

Eve Adam, A beatiful and most talent woman who deligths the Ladies and Gents Night 
Out in the Hangouts.
She's a writer, poet and a stunning reciter.
Feel free to check her work out.

Tina Mizell Lollis, A redneck with a cause. Actually a worthy case. Find out more.
Besides that, Queen of the Micro Poetry or to all of you who don't know that twitter 
exists, Is the modern day version of haikus or just little poems scattered troughtout that social network. Freelance editor for the Dyme Squad Magazine.

And her twitter is : @Lollis72, @Dark_Butterflii

Wanda Kelly, The Mama of G+. A Lady that is a extraordinary human being and also is the 
host of the Ladies and Gents Night Out in the Hangouts.
You can find her at the Awsome Ladies and Gents of G+ Community.

Naomi Thompson, the Queen of the Webinars. She is the lady with the opportunities of a 
lifetime ...

Ty Spaeth, This woman is an artist, a mom, a soon-to-be Grandma and a Cat Lover.

And that's some of them ...

Back to the topic ...
As this chapter unfolds, myself and my emotions are being putting to the test, 
in a variaety of ways.
My emotions are running wild as coyotes , howling and trying to contain them is proofing
to be hard.
Besides this, I found Love. Yes, i found Love.
And i'm enjoying at the most that wonderful feeling.
Changes and more changes.
For a couple of months, i've been all over subjects, feelings and emotions.
I'm going through all the stuff i've never discovered in a matter of seconds.
I'm a wanderer. That's a part of my nature. I like movement. 
But, sometimes, i have to stop because, i can just allow myself to go a certain distance.
This new chapter that started is taking a big toll on me.
But, like in a previous post, maybe this is just spiritual growing pains,
things that i have to master in order to achieve my dreams and my things.
So, as a challenge, i'm going to write as much as possible, and compensate you, for my absence of the blog.

Stay tuned for more things to come ...


The New Chapter Approaches ... Pt 1

Hi !!! 
I know it's been a while, it always is ... 
Well, it's been almost two months and i've been kind of busy ...
So, where to begin ?
First of all, I have to make a big shout ou to the " Awsome Ladies & Gents of G+" 
Community, where you can find me and a lot of other good people and where the content is 100% cool and where you can have a smile ...
Even if your gloomy, we are going to give you a smile.
If you're in G+, What you waiting for ?
And, by the way, why are you not in the most awsome social network ?

And you can follow me in the " Friday Ladies Night Out Hangout " ...

With that said, let's move to the next subject ...
I'm officialy 30 years old  ... Yes, I'm getting old ...
But, no worries, I'm still here, to help, give, and many more things that are positive to your life ...
Now, let's see if i'm not distracted to do other things besides this, that's called 
being multi-tasking ...
Doing three things at the some time.
I just have to sit quiet and then see what i come with ...


Love is a Path, Not a Step ...

As life unfolds its mysteries to me, I came upon this simple sentence coming out of a 
conversation that i was having with a friend of mine ...
I think the Universe is trying to say something to me ...
As i meditate about the sentence i said to my friend, i was suprised that i would never 
realized that before.
And the fact is, Love is a continuos path that we try to walk on ...
Every step we take in that path is assured to be plentfull of good things ... 
We just have to listen carefully to what the path has to say to us ...
Sometimes, it tells us that we are doing the right thing and as a reward, he will give
us what we gave to him.
Other times, he just warning us that we have to follow him ...
It's very simple, but sometimes we get sidetracked from the path.
And do you want to know how can you get in that path ?
You already are on that path, my friends. 
You just have to choose to listen to the path.
You Love, you're following the path to the most harmonious place in the Universe.
Since you are born, you're walking in love ... You begion to feel love, the minute that 
you are aware of all the things around you ...
Your first steps in the path is the love of your family ...
And then, you're on your own ... And you are given a choice to continue in this path,
trying to learn and give back to others that walk side by side with you ...
You wil get side tracked, it's inevitable. But, it's a part of your learning, of your training, 
of your meaning in the Universe.
No matter how side tracked you are, the path is always there. 
You just have to step and walk into the path again.
Like i said the a post before, Life is Choice and Love is a Path.
So, the ultimate question is how I can give to the path what the path is giving to me ...
That's easy. I just love and give love to others no matter how impossible that seems..
And believe that in some time it will seem impossible to do that.
That's when i say you have to love yourself and everything good in the Universe.
Because the path that you walk in, is the same that will protect you and give gifts 
for you to share with the Universe.
I have to apologize if this post seems a litlle bit confusing. But you havce to live it to understand what i'm tryng to describe ...
Ok, it's time for you to meditate on this simple sentence and discover waht it tells you ...
I will take about this when i have more clearer words and thoughts ...
I promise ...
So kisses and hugs to everyone ...


How are you doing ?

Hi, How are you doing as you read this post ?
Today, i'm going to talk specially for you who are looking into big changes in your life.
Maybe it's the passing of a loved one, maybe it's the breakup of a relationship,
maybe it's a divorce ...
How are you doing in this moment, when i reach to you ?
How are you feeling ?
Well, I'm going to say this. If you feel overwhelmed or fearful about the changes that
you're going through, I'm there with you, my friend.
I struggle sometimes, just to live in the recent challenges that the Universe putted in 
front of me ...
But, that doesn't mean there isn't a silver lining above all this.
I have a saying: " Above the grey clouds, there's always a blue sky. And above that, 
there's the stars. Always reach the stars. "
Even in difficult times, it seems you can't deal with it anymore, it's too hard.
I know, my friend, I know all to well.
The storm is coming, you haved reached the limits of your strengh and you can't take
it anymore.
And you go through the storm, back and forth, and you ask, " When it's going to stop ? "
And in that moment, a voice will say to you .. "I'm here."
And that voice is the voice of your own self trying to connect to you. 
The voice of a friend, the sound of a beautiful piece of music. The passage of a book ...
And by the time you think your storm is growing and becoming stronger, that 's when
you make a decison that can change all of your life.
And that decision is simply this one. " Accept the change. Accepct that you are a human being and that your role is to Love, Understand and Enjoy every aspect."
I call it spiritual growing pains. And you be fine, after all of this. 
The minute you accept that you're changing everyday and make an efford to be a positive
change, it doesn't matter how hard the storm is going to be. 
That means that you're stronger and becoming more and more aware of what's happening 
inside of you.
And that's reaching the stars.
Everyone right now, are going through inumerous changes.
But, at the same time, I see people becoming more aware of themselves, and supporting others in their change.
I'm doing that myself, wether is by this blog or the hangouts that i go to.
So, let's do this. If you promise me that your going to do whatever you have to do to be more positive in your life, I rpomise you that you will have a whole new perspective and 
new friends and Love that you would never imagine encountering.
We are here to experience Love, in it's truest form. 
Accept Love and accept that you are human and try to make the most out of the changes 
in your life.
Examples ?
Sure ... 
If you lost a loved one, remember all the good times you had with them. Celebrate their lifes with a smile, Know that they always wil love you. 
If you're getting a divorce, accept that there will be some changes in your life, speccially with kids, but you love them and it's you're divine right to be happy.
Give time to yourself to grow and to pursue your passions. When you can be One with yourself, you will find that there's a whole world of oppurtuinities.
Finnaly, if you have a breakup, say only " Hope you find your true happiness. Because, I want you to be happy."
No need to argue and to be vindictive. Accept that you had a relation. 
Ok, how are you doing now ? Accept that you are willing to cry and to get emotional, and because of that, you are human. Find a friend, a good one. Tell them how you feel.
You don't have to do it all by yourelf. And as you grow more and more, share with world that very moment. 
I will do that, and i hope you do to ...

Bye ... See you in the next post ...

Ps: Watch " The Life of Pi". It's trully a good movie about change.


Love is the only way to live ...

The title of this post struck me one of this days, since i haven't done much writting
for the blog.
What i'm aiming is to have good, solid posts ...
Posts that can inspire someone to make positive changes in their own lives ...
So, of course i had to talk about love in one of the posts ...
I've been questioning myself for days, on the approach to talk about this.
And the better way to say it, is the honest one ... 
Love is already in us ... 
Why ? The very first love we acknowlegde is the love of our family, specially the parents.
And how we recognize that ? Because is already within us ...
Love is a state and a way of truly living our lives.
Throughout my life, I had my experiences of love ...
The most important one that i stated here, came with a difference.
I was born without a father. Since, him and my mother divorced at a very young age ...
Did i had the conscious acknowlegdement of my love for my father ? 
Sadly, no. And most of you who are sons and daughters of single parents, may see this ...
Often, because one of the parents leaves the relationship and discard their own offspring, 
we acknowledge a sense of abandoment and hatred towards them.
How can i love someone who doesn't give a darn thing about his own ?
The answer, most of the time, is fear and pride.
I say i prefer honor over pride, because honor is more truthful than pride.
Pride for me is only a position, honour is a way of living ...
In my case and my case only, I didn't have a father ... 
Since he doesn't acknowledge his love for me.
But, how can i love the man who conceived me ? 
I'm honest with you. I can't. I forgive and forgave anyone who hurted me ... 
They brought me lessons to learn. And for that, i am grateful.
And, one of the most important lessons I learned from a very small age, is
you do anything for your chlidren even if the relationship fails ...
And you support your child, by any meanings necessary ...
At least, honest meanings.
Another important lesson that i learned in my journey is that women are the most beatiful beings on the Planet.
Ok, ok, i have to say i'm not trying to impress any girl here. 
I was raised by women in my family and they did their best to try to raise me with a sense 
of confidence, work and respect for all people.
And over time, my fascination for these wonderful beings, grew more and more.
Eventually i became to fell in love with them. But, a innocent love ... The kind of love you feel towards the innocence of all things ...
Today, I'm a young man, who loves, respects and admires women and tries to help them
in their own journey towards happiness.
Finally, the conclusion ...
Love is the only way to live because its where all things come from.
The happiness, the joy, the laughter, the good moments you have, it's love reavealing itself into the  form you want to ...
I'm always in love, even if don't show it ...
So, love and the world and yourself will provide you with more love ...



Forgiveness is a part of me ... 
I try to practice the teachings of so many great avatars that said that one part of 
loving is forgiving ...
And by experience, that sometimes seems very difficult to me to do that.
I'm in the steps of forgiving all parts of me and of my journey.
I want to do that, because, i want to be more in the Present Moment.
In my journey, i found so many examples of people who made me so much things
in my life that made me angry, that i wanted to get some sort of revenge on them.
After a while in my journey, i learned from many different experiences i had, that
i have to forgive with all my heart, the awful things those people did to me.
I don't have to be revengeful to stop sufering from those actions from the past and the 
present ... 
I just have to accept that suffering. Accept that I'm suffering from those things and 
most important, forgive myself for all the things that i wanted to do and thought,
because, they would increase my level of suffering and getting harder on my journey.
I know, I Know, how can i forgive those who make and made mean things to you ?
And my answer is this: " It's a on going process ". 
There are people who are most difficult to forgive than others.
But, once you forgive yourself from your mistakes, many things will get better with time.
I learned this precious truth with one of my Hangout friends, God bless her golden heart.
In the post, I wrote about being honest with all people and after writting that, i found 
peace and forgiveness to forgive her because she gave me more to my life that she
could imagine. I know that she has a beautiful heart and I will be always on her side
to help her and cheer her up. I got a little bit hurt, but, because i want her happiness, 
i just pulled away from her not to hurt her anymore.
I forgave her even when i was hurting, based on her goodness ...
So, back to the subject.
Forgiveness is a sign of Love. The Love that makes us all special. 
I want happiness to everyone. That's just who i am.
And one part of that happiness is to accept forgiveness with all my heart, based on the
true goodness of those who make bad things to me.
Accept forgiveness in your heart and learn how to use this in your journey.

I will write more about this in another time, but for now, that's all I have to say.

Bye everyone and Smile ... :(P)

The power of silence ...

This is ultimately the true power of silence ...
Words are sometimes meaningless or just can't reach the multitude of emotions 
that one person wants to give to the other.

This is a little description of what this video is ...

" Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love story in the 70s, performing art out of the van they lived in. When they felt the relationship had run its course, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last big hug in the middle and never seeing each other again.
At her 2010 MoMA retrospective Marina performed 'The Artist Is Present' , where she shared a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her. Ulay arrived without her knowing... "

I will talk more about silence, but, right now, i have so much that I want to say and
there's so much going in my life, that is sometimes impossible to write a simple post 
for all of you. But, I have to maintain the upmost quality and the positive things in here, so you can change your life into your wildest dream. 

So, i will see you all in the next post ...

Bye and don't forget to smile ...



Hi guys and girls ... There's so much i have to say and I don't know if i be able to say and
to motivate you guys who read this post and/or my blog. 
In creating this blog, I try to come with things to inspire and motivate people to do positive things in their lifes. 
I don't profit with my blog in any shape or form. It's a labour of my love for writting and 
my love to all the people who come in my life.
Next saturday is a tough day to me. It's the 1 year of my mother's passage. 
And although we hadn't the perfect loving relationship, she provided me with love and 
lessons that i always carry in me ...
The most important one is the respect and love to all women who come in my life.
To be a gentleman in a true sense of the word. 
To be a gentle, caring, loving and respectable person to everyone, specially women.
I admire the courage and bravery she had in trying to be happy ...
In the very end, she was not alone as many say she was ... 
I'm grateful for having a mother who wanted her son to have the happiness she looked 
for. And to care for his well being, at the end of her life.
I'm grateful to have a supporting family that were a HUGE help in dealing with all the 
problems I had regarding my house and my well being.
They were tiredless in trying to get all the legal stuff and insurance stuff to get my house
fully paid ... At the end and with a little help from my mom through the Good Universe,
my fear of losing my house was gone.
I'm grateful for the friends i gained. They are good ones and I do anything to see them thrive and being happy.
Some I don't have the meanings to see them on a regular basis, but, they are the best.
And I will be with them soon enough.
Some of them are busy as ever and i know that I want to have a little bit of time with them. But, I know that they are always in my heart.
I have to apologize to my Hangout Family that I'm AWOL on them. 
Not saying anything to them, disappearing without notice.
The truth is that. I don't have anything to say meaningful to say to them.
I don't have the cheerfulness and the humor to put the house on fire.
So, I know that they continue to have their respective hangouts with the same warmth
and Humour that I was welcomed.
It's good that those things don't change too much.
I can be away for a long time that I know that i'm always welcome in their lifes and in their hangouts ...
Don't want this post to be too boring, If so, I have to manage to say the important things in a more direct and understandable way.
It's hard for me to put myself in so many people's lifes without thinking on their well being.
I put myself aside to help them on their own paths and theirs own happiness
It's a privilege and a honour for me ... And I'll do my best ...
Even if i know my best isn't enough to put someone happy.
It's a risk i take in every moment. And one that i do in a heartbeat.
I'm gratefull for the lessons i've learned and the wisdom and knowledge they gave me.
Being the human being i am, one of my goals is to learn more and pass that wisdom and knowlegde with all of you ...
Maybe I don't do it the best way possible, but, I'm still learning ... Still hitting myself in the wall, until I realize there was no wall, it was just me ...
With all the goodness that exists in this world, it's impossible not to feel there's nothing more important than love ...
Hey, i'm one of the last breed of men who considers himself a romantic person.
Maybe that's something old fashioned, i don't know. 
I should not reveal that side of me, so often as i do.
Oh well, i'll be this way, for better or for worse ...
I know this is a lenghty post, but, i don't know when i'm going to post anything on this,
that can be helpful and motivating to you, fellow friend.
So many things are going to be left unsaid, i can't even quantify ...
The only thing i'm missing the most is just the confort of my head in the lap of a good 
female friend of mine. Just that soothing sensation that i get of peace and quiet knowing that I have a anchor to hold on.
That unique connection that i can't explain, that confort i always give to all of my friends.
The connections i give when I give a hug to a male friend, or when i let my heart flow into the wounds of a female friend of mine.
So many times I gave, so many times i give without question.
But, ultimately, now, i only have myself to be that anchor.
Did in the past. done it a bunch of times, hard but the only way-
I don't want to borrow time from my busy friends lifes.
I can deal with the emotions. 
I'm grateful for that.
Well. let's finish the post. Wanna know the conclusion ?
I tell you. Be grateful for all things ... 
Be grateful for the liitle and the big things ...
Be grateful for the knowlegde and the wisdom you find.
Be grateful for your own goodness. 
And for the gratefullness of others. 
When you become grateful, Life will reward you with peace of mind, tranquilty and Love.
And that's not even the begining of it.
Believe my words. 
When you finish reading this, Be grateful that you're alive and loving ...
It's always a good start.

See ya ... Let's hope I don't go missing for a long time :P


The Next Chapter

Hi everyone ...
Before anything else, i would like to propose a toast.
I raise my glass of Juice or wine or whatever you have, because, I want to celebrate
the beginning of a new chapter in the life of my friends and lastly myself.
To Abundance in their lifes and to all their family and friends.
Ok, now to the post.
Valentine's day is over and done. Once more, I was the valentine to my friends.
Why not ? I give them love and i respect them, so, it was an honour to be the valentine's.
I continue to be amazed with the Universe. Now, more than ever.
Little by little, I see the sucess of my friends both real and online.
My aussie friend fulfilled a dream of buying and renovating a house so she and her hubby 
could live happily ... With lots of space and potencial, I can agree she has a tremendous eye for decorating ... And she's a art teacher, so i think that helps too ...
My friend Douglas, the Host of On Air with Douglas and Rob, is also starting a new chapter 
in his life. After all the hardships and the frustation, The Universe smiled to him.
As indeed did also with my friend Cookie, who's now a leading blogger and a Social Media  
Tycoon ( laughs ). No, she have's the most amazing Program for all singles who want to find someone to share all the good things in life ...
My friend Nay Nay is busy as ever with her webinars ...
Oh, sorry ... I just have to update on all that it's happening right now.
I just want to everyone to be as happy as i am for them.
It's in tmes like this that I like to say to them: " I love when all of my plans come together."
Everybody is begining a new path in their journeys.
And I am also ... But stil I have some challenges to overcome.
Challenges that I only have myself to come through.
Altough I know i have my friends and that my friendship never end even if we are distant,
I did not overcome some challenges that i'm still facing.
I try my best not to say to any of my friends just because they are happy and so joyful, 
and for the most part, i don't want to bother them with such little things.
As I reach to a certain point in my journey, i try to understand all that i became.
Who I am ... Who I was one day ... 
The Universe has provided me with lessons and reasons. And i'm very thankful for the good I had in my life. As for the bad things, they made me just more aware of what i 
couldn't put through actions. I couldn't understand that i was a human being doing as best
as he could, by the lessons and the education he had.
I'm thankful for all the valueable, sometimes, misunderstood in my teenage years, quests that i had.
I'm reaching a place that i never seen and never tought about.
My mission is still the same .. Trying to understand everyone who crosses paths with me,
love them as best that i can, learn from them, listen to them and share my wisdom and 
knowledge as best that i can.
It's time to move on ...
And seeing the great acomplishments my friends conquered, I can only smile and bow to them. For they are my acomplishments and conquers also.
I share with them my uncondicional love, my laughter and my smiles.
I know that i'm blessed with all the love of the Universe. And blessed with old and new friends everyday. 

So, as the book of Life unfolds, Let's all celebrate to the goodness and kindness ...
Let's have some fun ...
I'm already in the party, so join me ...


The truth about the past

Well, this post is about the past ...
I'm surrounded by suprises and challenges given me by the universe.
And this time, it was a challenge that hitted me hard and heavy, but, I persevered ...
As anyone who knows me, I''m  a open book. I have nothing to hide.
One of my marks of personality is being brutally honest about anything, including myself.
So, people see that i'm being honest and not having any agenda or any pretense of 
misleading people.
Sometimes, It happens that being totally honest about myself is seen as a bad thing.
Too many times in my life, i was asked to lie to someone. Too many times, I had to obey.
I don't want people to understand why i did it, but, i tell them if they want to know ...
I have seen many things and made as much that i can't even remember.
They are part of my journey. I can't hide from them. They are always part of me.
I'm about to turn 30. That means that i have much more to learn and much more to 
understand to myself and for others.
I admit that I did somethings that brought to me understanding and reasoning 
to my way of life. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't my time spent with people online and 
in real life.
The truth is that my past is just that, a collection of actions and words that i made and 
said one day. 
I learn by observation and by my own actions and words.
I'm not saying that anything that I do and did is perfect.
I can't wish that. All I wish is that i can be helpful and understanding to everyone i 
encounter in my life.  Even if it means revealing aspects of my life experiences that
could be useful to rise and win the challenge that the person is dealing with.
But, when you try to do that, some persons don't understand me at all. 
I wish it wasn't so,  but, that's how some people are.
I have a forgivable heart because troughout my life i've seen the results of certains 
attitudes i had. 
So, why do i have to hide my past ? It doesn't make sense to me, since, the people 
i came across didn't hurt me or the persons who i've hurted saw me apologizing for
my mistakes and asked for forgiveness.
That's a true acknowlegdement of my attitudes and responsability to the world.
I'm not a role model for anyone nor i try to be. 
I have my own flaws and i'm making my best to change that.
Online, I've been in so many places and for the most of it, I was who i continue to be.
Trying to help people who come across in my journey.
I don't have bragging rights for doing this or that.
And i don't need them at all.
It may sound quite moralist of me, it's not my thing being moralist. 
I only say what i've been trough and the knowlegde that was given to me ...
If I intended to do harm, i would not put myself in a public position. 
I would hide myself not showing my true intentions.
I would not put my heart and soul for helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.
I never comitted a crime. If honesty is a crime, then sue me ... Just kidding.
In this challenge, I was given a option to continue to be myself or just hide myself
because of my past.
I chose to stay, to face the bullets with open arms. 
Yes, i have a past. If you want me to explain, i gladly do it. Then, you can make 
your choice wether i'm honest or not.
I'm a man with a past. I like to joke around about my past. I have somethings i feel ashamed of doing in that time or that i regret not doing enough also.
My true intentions are good. 
I finalize by saying that i look into the goodness of people's hearts.
I've been hurted with this challenge but I overcome myself with the truth of my past.
I will continue to help, i will continue to be true even if means getting myself hurt.
Because, i have only myself to judge. Nothing else.


Random Post ...

Today, i'm don't have a topic per say ...
I'll just go with wahtever it goes on my mind, right now ...
So, my friend aka Cookie as skyrocked in the blogs world. 
She's now a name to recken with. Her blog who I feature in the right, 
as becomed well knowned in the Blog Community.
Now, she's getting a Shorty's Award Nomination.
I hope she gets it. It would be a awesome reward for the work she puts on.
My friend Nay Nay, got me hooked up with some interessating cathphrases.
Like, when she likes something very, very much, she says " It's of the chain ".
When we need a trip back to reality and Get on our good side: 
"oh Lord, Stop the insanity ".
And last but not least, the famous Catchprhrase of the moment ....
Ladies and Gentlement, " Ain't nobody got time for that, I've got bronquitis."
From the autotune version of Sweet Brown's video.
Like Nay Nay could say, " oh lord, Stop the insanity, ain't nobody got time for that."
Between all this, is getting harder and harder not to stay away from the hangouts.
I had to do it. 
I'm lost right about now ... 
Can't talk to anyone without turning into a drama.
I have emotions and having them is a challenge on itself.
Well, i'd better not get started on that issue. Period.
The only thing is the way i see it, I have to shut up. Pure and simple.
I'm grateful for the support that my family gives to me in this time, but, 
the only thing is that I don't know how to be always like they want me to be.
I'm sorry if this post is not at the standarts that i Impose to myself.
I'm just having too much to deal with my world and my life. Just that.
I'm trying to figure out what i'm doing to the world.
If I am what i envisioned myself to be.
Cookie tried to put some reasoning on me, God bless her. 
But, what she said to me was exactly the same things i keep hearing.
Find a job, get married, have kids. 
Right now, I just want to live. First and formost
I want to get a job to pay my bills, to put some money aside, 
for the laptop or the camera i want to get.
I'm not good handling pressure.
And right now, i'm being pressed everyday.
i don't like that. But I have to deal with it, one way or the other.
Threre's just one thing i Won't give up on right now. 
My dreams of being a wise, lovely man who lives life always with a smlie.
That and the love that i cherish everyday to the world whether is by my blog,
whether is by being a friend, wheter is by being a love/life coach to anyone.
That's why, even with all that's happening, i don't go silent.
That's why i go to this computer and interact with my friends miles away.
That's whay i connect with my real friends and tell them i'm ok. 
Don't worry about me ... Be Happy, because, that's the only thing i ask for ...
This is end of my random post. Feel free to comment on the profile or on the Blog.