Random Post ...

Today, i'm don't have a topic per say ...
I'll just go with wahtever it goes on my mind, right now ...
So, my friend aka Cookie as skyrocked in the blogs world. 
She's now a name to recken with. Her blog who I feature in the right, 
as becomed well knowned in the Blog Community.
Now, she's getting a Shorty's Award Nomination.
I hope she gets it. It would be a awesome reward for the work she puts on.
My friend Nay Nay, got me hooked up with some interessating cathphrases.
Like, when she likes something very, very much, she says " It's of the chain ".
When we need a trip back to reality and Get on our good side: 
"oh Lord, Stop the insanity ".
And last but not least, the famous Catchprhrase of the moment ....
Ladies and Gentlement, " Ain't nobody got time for that, I've got bronquitis."
From the autotune version of Sweet Brown's video.
Like Nay Nay could say, " oh lord, Stop the insanity, ain't nobody got time for that."
Between all this, is getting harder and harder not to stay away from the hangouts.
I had to do it. 
I'm lost right about now ... 
Can't talk to anyone without turning into a drama.
I have emotions and having them is a challenge on itself.
Well, i'd better not get started on that issue. Period.
The only thing is the way i see it, I have to shut up. Pure and simple.
I'm grateful for the support that my family gives to me in this time, but, 
the only thing is that I don't know how to be always like they want me to be.
I'm sorry if this post is not at the standarts that i Impose to myself.
I'm just having too much to deal with my world and my life. Just that.
I'm trying to figure out what i'm doing to the world.
If I am what i envisioned myself to be.
Cookie tried to put some reasoning on me, God bless her. 
But, what she said to me was exactly the same things i keep hearing.
Find a job, get married, have kids. 
Right now, I just want to live. First and formost
I want to get a job to pay my bills, to put some money aside, 
for the laptop or the camera i want to get.
I'm not good handling pressure.
And right now, i'm being pressed everyday.
i don't like that. But I have to deal with it, one way or the other.
Threre's just one thing i Won't give up on right now. 
My dreams of being a wise, lovely man who lives life always with a smlie.
That and the love that i cherish everyday to the world whether is by my blog,
whether is by being a friend, wheter is by being a love/life coach to anyone.
That's why, even with all that's happening, i don't go silent.
That's why i go to this computer and interact with my friends miles away.
That's whay i connect with my real friends and tell them i'm ok. 
Don't worry about me ... Be Happy, because, that's the only thing i ask for ...
This is end of my random post. Feel free to comment on the profile or on the Blog.



Dealing with Negativity

This post came to me after a i left a hangout, thinking about a situation that happened
to me in there. It all came up like a wave ... 
I was feeling compassionate to my friends situations, regardless of my own ...
Everyone got their own issues and, for my part, I'm always trying to solve them 
as good as I can. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.
So at times, I feel kind of awkard in the hangouts and even in my real life.
Why ? 
For the simple fact that my friends have awsome projects, are doing something exciting
or promoting the work they do and the sucess they make.
It leaves me always with the question " What i have to show them just to try to fit in ? "
And for the most times, the only answer I have is " Just nothing. "
I have Blogs and Profiles on some social media networks, and I write fiction, I write 
poetry, and do some photography work. 
How to deal with all of this ? Humm ... It's easy and simple enough but it can still be 
a struggle sometimes.
Fisrt thing, " Emotions are natural like passing weather, just let them flow and then
let them go." Word of the Peaceful Warrior.
If you have to cry, cry. It's no shame. If you have to distance yourself just to vent, do it.
It's only good for you. If you have to distance like sometimes I do, just tell them, you'll be ok. They are going to try to help you, but, it's your choice to accept that or to just say that you meet them halfway, when you are ready.
Dealing with the negative things in life is just a part of the journey to enlightment or 
self discovery, as you might call it.
How to deal with negative people ? 
Acceptance, Love and Repect.
The first one is important, accept that are negative people. It's not your choice. 
I have a choice to rise above them, because, you chose to be positive at all times.
Even if you don't are positive, that statement means a lot.
Love. This means that for every negative person are 1000 people who have a higher love.
You choose to be one of the 1000 + People who have a higher Love.
Respect is the wisdom to put yourself out of situations and people who are negative.
There are always ways.
Dealing with negativity can be a blessing in disguise.
Because it can show you the true force of Love and Happiness inside you ...
So, don't be afraid to be negative, just acknowlegde that fact, and you'll be ok ...



Compassion and facing challenges ...

One of the most important values that I have inside my heart and soul.
To have this feeling is to know that you apprecciate life its fullest 
and nothing less than that.
It means that you have the heart to want and share love and happiness with others.
With that said, i'im writting this post to a friend of mine who I love to pieces and who I want to see him suceed in his journey.
I don't want any of my friends to suffer. I would like to see them achieve 
what they want.
The only thing I can do, in this case, is being the best friend that I can be and 
put some wishes to the Universe.
And that's what I don't like, beacuse, it makes me feel that i'm not being as useful
as I want to.
I don't have a problem with being compassionate. I love compassion and therefore, I try to practice that in every aspect of my life.
Even if my family doesn't understand why I do it, and why I can't be that with them.
That's just the thing I Hate to listen, that i put my friends before my family. 
Being compassionate means that they all are in the same level as me.
And sometimes, I can be more helpful to a friend that to them.
It hurts me that sometimes I don't know hwo to help them, because I know they don't have the same perspective as i do.
Because I'm so compassionate, I try to understand them, and try to say the right things, but, If i say the right things they wouldn't understand them. So, I choose to be quiet and 
be around them and love them like they love me.
Honestly, I believe that I can make "miracles" to those who just need a opportunity to rise to the ocasion and be happier in the process.
Everyone is facing challenges, right in this moment. 
My friend is facing a big challenge and I believe that after he overcomes this challenge, I will celebrate this with all my heart.
And why ? Because, I'm also facing challenges in my personal life that i want to overcome
and suceed.
It's hard at times trying not to cry when I know that someone is facing a hard challenge and i just can't do nothing about it. 
For as long as i live, i will try to understand that i can't do the things i want.
I sometimes, can be selfish and wish i could take their pain on me just to see them happy.
I know I have a high psychological tolerance to pain. And that i can handle it with much more easiness than some of my friends and family.
It's a mad habbit that I have and i have to leave, but, Being as compassionate as i am, I can't stop thinking and wishing this. I'm only human but I know human suffering.
I know what kind of damage it can make to a person.
I know it's not fair sometimes, I know that some people have to learn with that.
I just feel like I want to spread this compassion and make something beautiful.
To my friend who i will not reveal his name here, all I can say is that, I feel your pain 
and i'm here to take up that pain and transform it to Happiness.
Very big challenges come with high risks and high rewards.
We and all of our friends will be celebrating the new chapter on your journey.
We gonna laugh and even if mean people say someting bad to you or us, we just going to
smile and say, Hope that you will learn that we are all EQUAL in blood color, In soul and heart. That we can forgive them because we have compassion.
For 1.000 nay sayers in the world, there are 1.000.000 yeay sayers that overule them.
Think about that. 
Well, it's time to wrap things up. Hope, you can find some wisdom n my post.


Life is Choice

In my road to utimate happiness, I came upon a movie which was inspired by a book called " The way of the peaceful warrior "- Went out and downloaded the movie and the book.
That movie is one of the most inspirational movies I stumbled upon and is packed full of 
wisdom. My recommendation is to see the movie or the trailer, to see if it's good for you.
So, moving on with the subject.
One of the things that fascinates me about life is that you always can make a choice.
Yes, for those who think they don't have a choice, guess what, you have.
It's all about Free Will, the power to choose what's right for you.
Now, there's a difference between conscious choice or reasonable choice.
Reasonable choice and conscious choice often don't go together. But, Inside of one, there's always the other one.
In order to make a reasonable choice that's going to affect you and all that surrounds you,
you have to make yourself conscious of that decision.
I stumble very often wih these discoveries, when, i go out trough my life and suddenly I realize something in the most odd way.
I choose my reality from my decisions and through my actions. 
Let me give you an example:
Past year, I've decided to say that I love you more times to the people who cross on their own journey along with mine.
The reality was that I was given a choice to say what i truy feel without regret. 
And that choice was a conscious choice on my part to accept that love is all around me 
even if I don't see it.
I may wany big things to happen in my life and choose to live without any regret about the choices that I take,
I choose to Love instead of suffering without reason. 
I choose to say I love you to my friends, because, I love the time we spend together, even  if it means, being behind a computer and having a online Hangout.
And I know that great things are coming to my friends and to their friends and so on ...
Is all a matter of choice. 
You can live your life full of great thing, if you choose to.
Life is all about choice. 
It's your way to say what You want from the awsome things that life provides you.
And, by the way, there's no right or wrong choice you can make
Choices are want you want them to be. So, choose the one that make the most posivite action into life and you'll be rewarded ...


The begining of a new road

This is the begining of a new road.
A road where i don't know what's going to be.
But, that's the nature of my Spirit. A warrior who fights like a tiger and a Angel who dreams and flys like a dragon. A nomad who wanders with no destination. 
In the very last week of 2012, went on G+. Not knowing who i would encounter on the Hangouts section, I just went on. I found many people, most of them in the US, and from other parts of the world. Had a blast. I spent nights on end, just to be with them, because they became my hangout Family. The Place where I could be myself and Fulfill my spiritual mission, to put a smile on everyone's face, to understand the people who are putted on my life and to spread the love.
I spent my new year night with them, having fun, talking, laughing, enjoying another's company.
But, A decision was made earlier in that past week. 
I would be out of the social media networks for 2 months. 
I didn't know how to say this because i knew it wolud be not a very pleasant thing to say.
And it wasn't. I didn«t want to be a drama. That's not be at all.
And that's my fault. Just because I couldn't understand that sometimes less is more.
I simply can't say the things i want to say, because, i'll go around and arroud, mumbling about the same thing over and over again.
I left my Hangout with such sadness, that I went on in to my bed, wanting to cry.
A thing that I don't like to do much. 
I will say that sometimes the cultural diferences are a pain in the behind.
I am a citizen of the world. So, I don't believe in countries. I believe in understanding other people and their background.
My conduct in the Hangouts I went, it was the same that I have in my life outside.
The only thing that changed is that I have now more friends, and friends that want to see me suceed in my journey towards ultimate happiness.
I learned some very important lessons this week. 
I learned that I love more than I could ever imagined. 
I learned that because i'm faraway, I can make a difference in someone's life.
I learned to talk less and be more objective. 
I know now, that my time in the Hangouts with my Hangout Family is a wonderful time.
A time to connect, even if we are miles away, in the same country or in a different one.
Now, I want to give a big hug to my Hangout family and say Thank You to the time that 
we shared and will be sharing in the Future.
So, let's begin:

Cookie - Clarissa
Diamond - Amber
Gingy - Douglas
Music Man - Rob
Cutie Pie - Tye
Captain Jack  - Charles 
Canadian Cat - Nathaniel
Blue Eyed Rose -  Stacey

And to all others that i can't remember, Thank you.

It's time to finish this post. I know it's not going to be a very popular one, but, it's 
special to me and, i think to my friends.
More will come from me, from time to time.
So, see ya later, guys and girls.