Compassion and facing challenges ...

One of the most important values that I have inside my heart and soul.
To have this feeling is to know that you apprecciate life its fullest 
and nothing less than that.
It means that you have the heart to want and share love and happiness with others.
With that said, i'im writting this post to a friend of mine who I love to pieces and who I want to see him suceed in his journey.
I don't want any of my friends to suffer. I would like to see them achieve 
what they want.
The only thing I can do, in this case, is being the best friend that I can be and 
put some wishes to the Universe.
And that's what I don't like, beacuse, it makes me feel that i'm not being as useful
as I want to.
I don't have a problem with being compassionate. I love compassion and therefore, I try to practice that in every aspect of my life.
Even if my family doesn't understand why I do it, and why I can't be that with them.
That's just the thing I Hate to listen, that i put my friends before my family. 
Being compassionate means that they all are in the same level as me.
And sometimes, I can be more helpful to a friend that to them.
It hurts me that sometimes I don't know hwo to help them, because I know they don't have the same perspective as i do.
Because I'm so compassionate, I try to understand them, and try to say the right things, but, If i say the right things they wouldn't understand them. So, I choose to be quiet and 
be around them and love them like they love me.
Honestly, I believe that I can make "miracles" to those who just need a opportunity to rise to the ocasion and be happier in the process.
Everyone is facing challenges, right in this moment. 
My friend is facing a big challenge and I believe that after he overcomes this challenge, I will celebrate this with all my heart.
And why ? Because, I'm also facing challenges in my personal life that i want to overcome
and suceed.
It's hard at times trying not to cry when I know that someone is facing a hard challenge and i just can't do nothing about it. 
For as long as i live, i will try to understand that i can't do the things i want.
I sometimes, can be selfish and wish i could take their pain on me just to see them happy.
I know I have a high psychological tolerance to pain. And that i can handle it with much more easiness than some of my friends and family.
It's a mad habbit that I have and i have to leave, but, Being as compassionate as i am, I can't stop thinking and wishing this. I'm only human but I know human suffering.
I know what kind of damage it can make to a person.
I know it's not fair sometimes, I know that some people have to learn with that.
I just feel like I want to spread this compassion and make something beautiful.
To my friend who i will not reveal his name here, all I can say is that, I feel your pain 
and i'm here to take up that pain and transform it to Happiness.
Very big challenges come with high risks and high rewards.
We and all of our friends will be celebrating the new chapter on your journey.
We gonna laugh and even if mean people say someting bad to you or us, we just going to
smile and say, Hope that you will learn that we are all EQUAL in blood color, In soul and heart. That we can forgive them because we have compassion.
For 1.000 nay sayers in the world, there are 1.000.000 yeay sayers that overule them.
Think about that. 
Well, it's time to wrap things up. Hope, you can find some wisdom n my post.

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  1. This blog speaks volumes about the true compassion you have that others only try to seek but never carry out. Please keep up the good work with your blogs.