Dealing with Negativity

This post came to me after a i left a hangout, thinking about a situation that happened
to me in there. It all came up like a wave ... 
I was feeling compassionate to my friends situations, regardless of my own ...
Everyone got their own issues and, for my part, I'm always trying to solve them 
as good as I can. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.
So at times, I feel kind of awkard in the hangouts and even in my real life.
Why ? 
For the simple fact that my friends have awsome projects, are doing something exciting
or promoting the work they do and the sucess they make.
It leaves me always with the question " What i have to show them just to try to fit in ? "
And for the most times, the only answer I have is " Just nothing. "
I have Blogs and Profiles on some social media networks, and I write fiction, I write 
poetry, and do some photography work. 
How to deal with all of this ? Humm ... It's easy and simple enough but it can still be 
a struggle sometimes.
Fisrt thing, " Emotions are natural like passing weather, just let them flow and then
let them go." Word of the Peaceful Warrior.
If you have to cry, cry. It's no shame. If you have to distance yourself just to vent, do it.
It's only good for you. If you have to distance like sometimes I do, just tell them, you'll be ok. They are going to try to help you, but, it's your choice to accept that or to just say that you meet them halfway, when you are ready.
Dealing with the negative things in life is just a part of the journey to enlightment or 
self discovery, as you might call it.
How to deal with negative people ? 
Acceptance, Love and Repect.
The first one is important, accept that are negative people. It's not your choice. 
I have a choice to rise above them, because, you chose to be positive at all times.
Even if you don't are positive, that statement means a lot.
Love. This means that for every negative person are 1000 people who have a higher love.
You choose to be one of the 1000 + People who have a higher Love.
Respect is the wisdom to put yourself out of situations and people who are negative.
There are always ways.
Dealing with negativity can be a blessing in disguise.
Because it can show you the true force of Love and Happiness inside you ...
So, don't be afraid to be negative, just acknowlegde that fact, and you'll be ok ...


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