Life is Choice

In my road to utimate happiness, I came upon a movie which was inspired by a book called " The way of the peaceful warrior "- Went out and downloaded the movie and the book.
That movie is one of the most inspirational movies I stumbled upon and is packed full of 
wisdom. My recommendation is to see the movie or the trailer, to see if it's good for you.
So, moving on with the subject.
One of the things that fascinates me about life is that you always can make a choice.
Yes, for those who think they don't have a choice, guess what, you have.
It's all about Free Will, the power to choose what's right for you.
Now, there's a difference between conscious choice or reasonable choice.
Reasonable choice and conscious choice often don't go together. But, Inside of one, there's always the other one.
In order to make a reasonable choice that's going to affect you and all that surrounds you,
you have to make yourself conscious of that decision.
I stumble very often wih these discoveries, when, i go out trough my life and suddenly I realize something in the most odd way.
I choose my reality from my decisions and through my actions. 
Let me give you an example:
Past year, I've decided to say that I love you more times to the people who cross on their own journey along with mine.
The reality was that I was given a choice to say what i truy feel without regret. 
And that choice was a conscious choice on my part to accept that love is all around me 
even if I don't see it.
I may wany big things to happen in my life and choose to live without any regret about the choices that I take,
I choose to Love instead of suffering without reason. 
I choose to say I love you to my friends, because, I love the time we spend together, even  if it means, being behind a computer and having a online Hangout.
And I know that great things are coming to my friends and to their friends and so on ...
Is all a matter of choice. 
You can live your life full of great thing, if you choose to.
Life is all about choice. 
It's your way to say what You want from the awsome things that life provides you.
And, by the way, there's no right or wrong choice you can make
Choices are want you want them to be. So, choose the one that make the most posivite action into life and you'll be rewarded ...

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