Random Post ...

Today, i'm don't have a topic per say ...
I'll just go with wahtever it goes on my mind, right now ...
So, my friend aka Cookie as skyrocked in the blogs world. 
She's now a name to recken with. Her blog who I feature in the right, 
as becomed well knowned in the Blog Community.
Now, she's getting a Shorty's Award Nomination.
I hope she gets it. It would be a awesome reward for the work she puts on.
My friend Nay Nay, got me hooked up with some interessating cathphrases.
Like, when she likes something very, very much, she says " It's of the chain ".
When we need a trip back to reality and Get on our good side: 
"oh Lord, Stop the insanity ".
And last but not least, the famous Catchprhrase of the moment ....
Ladies and Gentlement, " Ain't nobody got time for that, I've got bronquitis."
From the autotune version of Sweet Brown's video.
Like Nay Nay could say, " oh lord, Stop the insanity, ain't nobody got time for that."
Between all this, is getting harder and harder not to stay away from the hangouts.
I had to do it. 
I'm lost right about now ... 
Can't talk to anyone without turning into a drama.
I have emotions and having them is a challenge on itself.
Well, i'd better not get started on that issue. Period.
The only thing is the way i see it, I have to shut up. Pure and simple.
I'm grateful for the support that my family gives to me in this time, but, 
the only thing is that I don't know how to be always like they want me to be.
I'm sorry if this post is not at the standarts that i Impose to myself.
I'm just having too much to deal with my world and my life. Just that.
I'm trying to figure out what i'm doing to the world.
If I am what i envisioned myself to be.
Cookie tried to put some reasoning on me, God bless her. 
But, what she said to me was exactly the same things i keep hearing.
Find a job, get married, have kids. 
Right now, I just want to live. First and formost
I want to get a job to pay my bills, to put some money aside, 
for the laptop or the camera i want to get.
I'm not good handling pressure.
And right now, i'm being pressed everyday.
i don't like that. But I have to deal with it, one way or the other.
Threre's just one thing i Won't give up on right now. 
My dreams of being a wise, lovely man who lives life always with a smlie.
That and the love that i cherish everyday to the world whether is by my blog,
whether is by being a friend, wheter is by being a love/life coach to anyone.
That's why, even with all that's happening, i don't go silent.
That's why i go to this computer and interact with my friends miles away.
That's whay i connect with my real friends and tell them i'm ok. 
Don't worry about me ... Be Happy, because, that's the only thing i ask for ...
This is end of my random post. Feel free to comment on the profile or on the Blog.


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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, lindo!!!! I really appreciate your endless support! I'm so psyched by all of this! It's nice to have people like my work let alone nominate me & select me for features! It's been an outstanding month for the blog! Soo amazed!

    Oh, and for the record I didn't tell you to do any of those things. What I said is the step before that. Find yourself and what your passion is, first. Then, pursue your dreams. Don't be your own barrier. That's what I said :)