The begining of a new road

This is the begining of a new road.
A road where i don't know what's going to be.
But, that's the nature of my Spirit. A warrior who fights like a tiger and a Angel who dreams and flys like a dragon. A nomad who wanders with no destination. 
In the very last week of 2012, went on G+. Not knowing who i would encounter on the Hangouts section, I just went on. I found many people, most of them in the US, and from other parts of the world. Had a blast. I spent nights on end, just to be with them, because they became my hangout Family. The Place where I could be myself and Fulfill my spiritual mission, to put a smile on everyone's face, to understand the people who are putted on my life and to spread the love.
I spent my new year night with them, having fun, talking, laughing, enjoying another's company.
But, A decision was made earlier in that past week. 
I would be out of the social media networks for 2 months. 
I didn't know how to say this because i knew it wolud be not a very pleasant thing to say.
And it wasn't. I didn«t want to be a drama. That's not be at all.
And that's my fault. Just because I couldn't understand that sometimes less is more.
I simply can't say the things i want to say, because, i'll go around and arroud, mumbling about the same thing over and over again.
I left my Hangout with such sadness, that I went on in to my bed, wanting to cry.
A thing that I don't like to do much. 
I will say that sometimes the cultural diferences are a pain in the behind.
I am a citizen of the world. So, I don't believe in countries. I believe in understanding other people and their background.
My conduct in the Hangouts I went, it was the same that I have in my life outside.
The only thing that changed is that I have now more friends, and friends that want to see me suceed in my journey towards ultimate happiness.
I learned some very important lessons this week. 
I learned that I love more than I could ever imagined. 
I learned that because i'm faraway, I can make a difference in someone's life.
I learned to talk less and be more objective. 
I know now, that my time in the Hangouts with my Hangout Family is a wonderful time.
A time to connect, even if we are miles away, in the same country or in a different one.
Now, I want to give a big hug to my Hangout family and say Thank You to the time that 
we shared and will be sharing in the Future.
So, let's begin:

Cookie - Clarissa
Diamond - Amber
Gingy - Douglas
Music Man - Rob
Cutie Pie - Tye
Captain Jack  - Charles 
Canadian Cat - Nathaniel
Blue Eyed Rose -  Stacey

And to all others that i can't remember, Thank you.

It's time to finish this post. I know it's not going to be a very popular one, but, it's 
special to me and, i think to my friends.
More will come from me, from time to time.
So, see ya later, guys and girls.

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