The Next Chapter

Hi everyone ...
Before anything else, i would like to propose a toast.
I raise my glass of Juice or wine or whatever you have, because, I want to celebrate
the beginning of a new chapter in the life of my friends and lastly myself.
To Abundance in their lifes and to all their family and friends.
Ok, now to the post.
Valentine's day is over and done. Once more, I was the valentine to my friends.
Why not ? I give them love and i respect them, so, it was an honour to be the valentine's.
I continue to be amazed with the Universe. Now, more than ever.
Little by little, I see the sucess of my friends both real and online.
My aussie friend fulfilled a dream of buying and renovating a house so she and her hubby 
could live happily ... With lots of space and potencial, I can agree she has a tremendous eye for decorating ... And she's a art teacher, so i think that helps too ...
My friend Douglas, the Host of On Air with Douglas and Rob, is also starting a new chapter 
in his life. After all the hardships and the frustation, The Universe smiled to him.
As indeed did also with my friend Cookie, who's now a leading blogger and a Social Media  
Tycoon ( laughs ). No, she have's the most amazing Program for all singles who want to find someone to share all the good things in life ...
My friend Nay Nay is busy as ever with her webinars ...
Oh, sorry ... I just have to update on all that it's happening right now.
I just want to everyone to be as happy as i am for them.
It's in tmes like this that I like to say to them: " I love when all of my plans come together."
Everybody is begining a new path in their journeys.
And I am also ... But stil I have some challenges to overcome.
Challenges that I only have myself to come through.
Altough I know i have my friends and that my friendship never end even if we are distant,
I did not overcome some challenges that i'm still facing.
I try my best not to say to any of my friends just because they are happy and so joyful, 
and for the most part, i don't want to bother them with such little things.
As I reach to a certain point in my journey, i try to understand all that i became.
Who I am ... Who I was one day ... 
The Universe has provided me with lessons and reasons. And i'm very thankful for the good I had in my life. As for the bad things, they made me just more aware of what i 
couldn't put through actions. I couldn't understand that i was a human being doing as best
as he could, by the lessons and the education he had.
I'm thankful for all the valueable, sometimes, misunderstood in my teenage years, quests that i had.
I'm reaching a place that i never seen and never tought about.
My mission is still the same .. Trying to understand everyone who crosses paths with me,
love them as best that i can, learn from them, listen to them and share my wisdom and 
knowledge as best that i can.
It's time to move on ...
And seeing the great acomplishments my friends conquered, I can only smile and bow to them. For they are my acomplishments and conquers also.
I share with them my uncondicional love, my laughter and my smiles.
I know that i'm blessed with all the love of the Universe. And blessed with old and new friends everyday. 

So, as the book of Life unfolds, Let's all celebrate to the goodness and kindness ...
Let's have some fun ...
I'm already in the party, so join me ...

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  1. So happy to hear of your enlightenment and new spiritual journey! I know that you will be blessed beyond!

    LOL about your comments about me :) Thanks so much for the mention and kind words! I truly appreciate your support always!