Forgiveness is a part of me ... 
I try to practice the teachings of so many great avatars that said that one part of 
loving is forgiving ...
And by experience, that sometimes seems very difficult to me to do that.
I'm in the steps of forgiving all parts of me and of my journey.
I want to do that, because, i want to be more in the Present Moment.
In my journey, i found so many examples of people who made me so much things
in my life that made me angry, that i wanted to get some sort of revenge on them.
After a while in my journey, i learned from many different experiences i had, that
i have to forgive with all my heart, the awful things those people did to me.
I don't have to be revengeful to stop sufering from those actions from the past and the 
present ... 
I just have to accept that suffering. Accept that I'm suffering from those things and 
most important, forgive myself for all the things that i wanted to do and thought,
because, they would increase my level of suffering and getting harder on my journey.
I know, I Know, how can i forgive those who make and made mean things to you ?
And my answer is this: " It's a on going process ". 
There are people who are most difficult to forgive than others.
But, once you forgive yourself from your mistakes, many things will get better with time.
I learned this precious truth with one of my Hangout friends, God bless her golden heart.
In the post, I wrote about being honest with all people and after writting that, i found 
peace and forgiveness to forgive her because she gave me more to my life that she
could imagine. I know that she has a beautiful heart and I will be always on her side
to help her and cheer her up. I got a little bit hurt, but, because i want her happiness, 
i just pulled away from her not to hurt her anymore.
I forgave her even when i was hurting, based on her goodness ...
So, back to the subject.
Forgiveness is a sign of Love. The Love that makes us all special. 
I want happiness to everyone. That's just who i am.
And one part of that happiness is to accept forgiveness with all my heart, based on the
true goodness of those who make bad things to me.
Accept forgiveness in your heart and learn how to use this in your journey.

I will write more about this in another time, but for now, that's all I have to say.

Bye everyone and Smile ... :(P)

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  1. Awesome blog. I like your take on forgiveness. Keep providing us with awesome content.