Hi guys and girls ... There's so much i have to say and I don't know if i be able to say and
to motivate you guys who read this post and/or my blog. 
In creating this blog, I try to come with things to inspire and motivate people to do positive things in their lifes. 
I don't profit with my blog in any shape or form. It's a labour of my love for writting and 
my love to all the people who come in my life.
Next saturday is a tough day to me. It's the 1 year of my mother's passage. 
And although we hadn't the perfect loving relationship, she provided me with love and 
lessons that i always carry in me ...
The most important one is the respect and love to all women who come in my life.
To be a gentleman in a true sense of the word. 
To be a gentle, caring, loving and respectable person to everyone, specially women.
I admire the courage and bravery she had in trying to be happy ...
In the very end, she was not alone as many say she was ... 
I'm grateful for having a mother who wanted her son to have the happiness she looked 
for. And to care for his well being, at the end of her life.
I'm grateful to have a supporting family that were a HUGE help in dealing with all the 
problems I had regarding my house and my well being.
They were tiredless in trying to get all the legal stuff and insurance stuff to get my house
fully paid ... At the end and with a little help from my mom through the Good Universe,
my fear of losing my house was gone.
I'm grateful for the friends i gained. They are good ones and I do anything to see them thrive and being happy.
Some I don't have the meanings to see them on a regular basis, but, they are the best.
And I will be with them soon enough.
Some of them are busy as ever and i know that I want to have a little bit of time with them. But, I know that they are always in my heart.
I have to apologize to my Hangout Family that I'm AWOL on them. 
Not saying anything to them, disappearing without notice.
The truth is that. I don't have anything to say meaningful to say to them.
I don't have the cheerfulness and the humor to put the house on fire.
So, I know that they continue to have their respective hangouts with the same warmth
and Humour that I was welcomed.
It's good that those things don't change too much.
I can be away for a long time that I know that i'm always welcome in their lifes and in their hangouts ...
Don't want this post to be too boring, If so, I have to manage to say the important things in a more direct and understandable way.
It's hard for me to put myself in so many people's lifes without thinking on their well being.
I put myself aside to help them on their own paths and theirs own happiness
It's a privilege and a honour for me ... And I'll do my best ...
Even if i know my best isn't enough to put someone happy.
It's a risk i take in every moment. And one that i do in a heartbeat.
I'm gratefull for the lessons i've learned and the wisdom and knowledge they gave me.
Being the human being i am, one of my goals is to learn more and pass that wisdom and knowlegde with all of you ...
Maybe I don't do it the best way possible, but, I'm still learning ... Still hitting myself in the wall, until I realize there was no wall, it was just me ...
With all the goodness that exists in this world, it's impossible not to feel there's nothing more important than love ...
Hey, i'm one of the last breed of men who considers himself a romantic person.
Maybe that's something old fashioned, i don't know. 
I should not reveal that side of me, so often as i do.
Oh well, i'll be this way, for better or for worse ...
I know this is a lenghty post, but, i don't know when i'm going to post anything on this,
that can be helpful and motivating to you, fellow friend.
So many things are going to be left unsaid, i can't even quantify ...
The only thing i'm missing the most is just the confort of my head in the lap of a good 
female friend of mine. Just that soothing sensation that i get of peace and quiet knowing that I have a anchor to hold on.
That unique connection that i can't explain, that confort i always give to all of my friends.
The connections i give when I give a hug to a male friend, or when i let my heart flow into the wounds of a female friend of mine.
So many times I gave, so many times i give without question.
But, ultimately, now, i only have myself to be that anchor.
Did in the past. done it a bunch of times, hard but the only way-
I don't want to borrow time from my busy friends lifes.
I can deal with the emotions. 
I'm grateful for that.
Well. let's finish the post. Wanna know the conclusion ?
I tell you. Be grateful for all things ... 
Be grateful for the liitle and the big things ...
Be grateful for the knowlegde and the wisdom you find.
Be grateful for your own goodness. 
And for the gratefullness of others. 
When you become grateful, Life will reward you with peace of mind, tranquilty and Love.
And that's not even the begining of it.
Believe my words. 
When you finish reading this, Be grateful that you're alive and loving ...
It's always a good start.

See ya ... Let's hope I don't go missing for a long time :P

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