How are you doing ?

Hi, How are you doing as you read this post ?
Today, i'm going to talk specially for you who are looking into big changes in your life.
Maybe it's the passing of a loved one, maybe it's the breakup of a relationship,
maybe it's a divorce ...
How are you doing in this moment, when i reach to you ?
How are you feeling ?
Well, I'm going to say this. If you feel overwhelmed or fearful about the changes that
you're going through, I'm there with you, my friend.
I struggle sometimes, just to live in the recent challenges that the Universe putted in 
front of me ...
But, that doesn't mean there isn't a silver lining above all this.
I have a saying: " Above the grey clouds, there's always a blue sky. And above that, 
there's the stars. Always reach the stars. "
Even in difficult times, it seems you can't deal with it anymore, it's too hard.
I know, my friend, I know all to well.
The storm is coming, you haved reached the limits of your strengh and you can't take
it anymore.
And you go through the storm, back and forth, and you ask, " When it's going to stop ? "
And in that moment, a voice will say to you .. "I'm here."
And that voice is the voice of your own self trying to connect to you. 
The voice of a friend, the sound of a beautiful piece of music. The passage of a book ...
And by the time you think your storm is growing and becoming stronger, that 's when
you make a decison that can change all of your life.
And that decision is simply this one. " Accept the change. Accepct that you are a human being and that your role is to Love, Understand and Enjoy every aspect."
I call it spiritual growing pains. And you be fine, after all of this. 
The minute you accept that you're changing everyday and make an efford to be a positive
change, it doesn't matter how hard the storm is going to be. 
That means that you're stronger and becoming more and more aware of what's happening 
inside of you.
And that's reaching the stars.
Everyone right now, are going through inumerous changes.
But, at the same time, I see people becoming more aware of themselves, and supporting others in their change.
I'm doing that myself, wether is by this blog or the hangouts that i go to.
So, let's do this. If you promise me that your going to do whatever you have to do to be more positive in your life, I rpomise you that you will have a whole new perspective and 
new friends and Love that you would never imagine encountering.
We are here to experience Love, in it's truest form. 
Accept Love and accept that you are human and try to make the most out of the changes 
in your life.
Examples ?
Sure ... 
If you lost a loved one, remember all the good times you had with them. Celebrate their lifes with a smile, Know that they always wil love you. 
If you're getting a divorce, accept that there will be some changes in your life, speccially with kids, but you love them and it's you're divine right to be happy.
Give time to yourself to grow and to pursue your passions. When you can be One with yourself, you will find that there's a whole world of oppurtuinities.
Finnaly, if you have a breakup, say only " Hope you find your true happiness. Because, I want you to be happy."
No need to argue and to be vindictive. Accept that you had a relation. 
Ok, how are you doing now ? Accept that you are willing to cry and to get emotional, and because of that, you are human. Find a friend, a good one. Tell them how you feel.
You don't have to do it all by yourelf. And as you grow more and more, share with world that very moment. 
I will do that, and i hope you do to ...

Bye ... See you in the next post ...

Ps: Watch " The Life of Pi". It's trully a good movie about change.


Love is the only way to live ...

The title of this post struck me one of this days, since i haven't done much writting
for the blog.
What i'm aiming is to have good, solid posts ...
Posts that can inspire someone to make positive changes in their own lives ...
So, of course i had to talk about love in one of the posts ...
I've been questioning myself for days, on the approach to talk about this.
And the better way to say it, is the honest one ... 
Love is already in us ... 
Why ? The very first love we acknowlegde is the love of our family, specially the parents.
And how we recognize that ? Because is already within us ...
Love is a state and a way of truly living our lives.
Throughout my life, I had my experiences of love ...
The most important one that i stated here, came with a difference.
I was born without a father. Since, him and my mother divorced at a very young age ...
Did i had the conscious acknowlegdement of my love for my father ? 
Sadly, no. And most of you who are sons and daughters of single parents, may see this ...
Often, because one of the parents leaves the relationship and discard their own offspring, 
we acknowledge a sense of abandoment and hatred towards them.
How can i love someone who doesn't give a darn thing about his own ?
The answer, most of the time, is fear and pride.
I say i prefer honor over pride, because honor is more truthful than pride.
Pride for me is only a position, honour is a way of living ...
In my case and my case only, I didn't have a father ... 
Since he doesn't acknowledge his love for me.
But, how can i love the man who conceived me ? 
I'm honest with you. I can't. I forgive and forgave anyone who hurted me ... 
They brought me lessons to learn. And for that, i am grateful.
And, one of the most important lessons I learned from a very small age, is
you do anything for your chlidren even if the relationship fails ...
And you support your child, by any meanings necessary ...
At least, honest meanings.
Another important lesson that i learned in my journey is that women are the most beatiful beings on the Planet.
Ok, ok, i have to say i'm not trying to impress any girl here. 
I was raised by women in my family and they did their best to try to raise me with a sense 
of confidence, work and respect for all people.
And over time, my fascination for these wonderful beings, grew more and more.
Eventually i became to fell in love with them. But, a innocent love ... The kind of love you feel towards the innocence of all things ...
Today, I'm a young man, who loves, respects and admires women and tries to help them
in their own journey towards happiness.
Finally, the conclusion ...
Love is the only way to live because its where all things come from.
The happiness, the joy, the laughter, the good moments you have, it's love reavealing itself into the  form you want to ...
I'm always in love, even if don't show it ...
So, love and the world and yourself will provide you with more love ...