The New Chapter Approaches ... Pt 2

Sorry, if i couldn't be more especif in what type of challenges i'm facing, 
but, since i wrote the first part of this post, a lot has been happening to me.
And it's all related to the title of this post.
A new chapter approaching and the challenges and the tribulations which i have to overcome.
First and foremost, I have the most loyal and beatiful group of friends that a man 
can have. 

Whether they are far away or close to me geographaclly, they are amazing people,
with also their struggles and their own victories in life.
And it's always a great feeling knowing that even from far away, they think about you.
WiI just have to mention some of the people and thank them for their friendship, honesty and kindness.

So a big shout to: 

Clarissa Silva, Blogger EXTRAORDINAIRE, who writes the very funny yet very cool blog, 
" Your just a Dumbass ". Check her work out, She is one of the Top Ten New york Bloggers. At least, for me.

Eve Adam, A beatiful and most talent woman who deligths the Ladies and Gents Night 
Out in the Hangouts.
She's a writer, poet and a stunning reciter.
Feel free to check her work out.

Tina Mizell Lollis, A redneck with a cause. Actually a worthy case. Find out more.
Besides that, Queen of the Micro Poetry or to all of you who don't know that twitter 
exists, Is the modern day version of haikus or just little poems scattered troughtout that social network. Freelance editor for the Dyme Squad Magazine.

And her twitter is : @Lollis72, @Dark_Butterflii

Wanda Kelly, The Mama of G+. A Lady that is a extraordinary human being and also is the 
host of the Ladies and Gents Night Out in the Hangouts.
You can find her at the Awsome Ladies and Gents of G+ Community.

Naomi Thompson, the Queen of the Webinars. She is the lady with the opportunities of a 
lifetime ...

Ty Spaeth, This woman is an artist, a mom, a soon-to-be Grandma and a Cat Lover.

And that's some of them ...

Back to the topic ...
As this chapter unfolds, myself and my emotions are being putting to the test, 
in a variaety of ways.
My emotions are running wild as coyotes , howling and trying to contain them is proofing
to be hard.
Besides this, I found Love. Yes, i found Love.
And i'm enjoying at the most that wonderful feeling.
Changes and more changes.
For a couple of months, i've been all over subjects, feelings and emotions.
I'm going through all the stuff i've never discovered in a matter of seconds.
I'm a wanderer. That's a part of my nature. I like movement. 
But, sometimes, i have to stop because, i can just allow myself to go a certain distance.
This new chapter that started is taking a big toll on me.
But, like in a previous post, maybe this is just spiritual growing pains,
things that i have to master in order to achieve my dreams and my things.
So, as a challenge, i'm going to write as much as possible, and compensate you, for my absence of the blog.

Stay tuned for more things to come ...