Going through the challenges of life ...

Well, there's a lot to say like always ...

My dream is to be a life coach, a person who can help others to find their mission.

But, in order to do that, i have to perfect myself.
And that's a life challenge.
I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
What i tell, comes from personal experience.
As like my very good friend Clarissa's blog.
With two exceptions: first, i'm not a new york woman. And second, i'm not a licensed practitioner.
But, since my whole life is been around them, i learned a thing or two.
I've learned many things in my many storms.
But, one thing i couldn't learned  about was relationships, because i was denied one way or the other.
And that was one thing i really wanted to feel and learn.
There's a lot i learned by the way i saw other relationships.
And also by my family values.
Now, i'm in the midlle of one of my biggest storms i had to face in my life.
To many things happening which need my attention.
I can't control many things that happen, but, since i have a side of me who likes to try
to help, I want to help in way possible. 
Because, i've been through so much, i don't want anyone to go there, unless,
they have to do it.
I admire those who can in the midst of the storms can have a smile to give to me.
I strive on smiles and try to accomplish what i want to do ...
They are my guides and i try to understand what i can share with them ...
To be a life coach, besides having the skills and the knowlegde and the degree, you must have a true wish to help others and in that process try to understand yourself.
I have a wish to help others, but, i don't have any degree on that matter.
At least, is a honest and compassionate wish.
My guidance system is all over the place ...
Storms coming and going ...
And you can only take that much.
I confess that these times i haven't been much of a good person.
I'm not doing what i should do. ~
I'm not being a man.
I'm knowned for giving everything of me in the places and people that i meet.
Maybe, it's a flaw that i have.
Sometimes, i just want to lay on my bed and try to rest my head and my body.
The results ? No results at all.
I have to apologize for this post, not being one of the most positive and cool posts,
yet, I have a duty to tell the truth.
Going through all of this brings wisdom and humbleness.
However, wisdom and humbleness are meant to be shared.
One of the biggest problems that i face is the lack of gratefulness that i experience
on my everyday life.
I'm 30 years old and still trying to find my path.
The ultimate result of all of this is having a meltdown, and going to the hospital.
And that's what i'm trying to avoid.
I don't want anyone saying that is because of them that i do this or that i'm having this.
It's nobody's fault.
So, it's only up to me that i have to restructure my whole self once more.
It's the only way that i can go through the storms and try to suceed.
My next posts will be more far and in between, but, hopefully i can bring more positiveness into this ...
See you in my next post.

Live, Learn, Love ...

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