Love: A Special Present ...

Hello everyone !!! Welcome to this post ...
Please feel free to relax and to just hear me out for a bit.
I promise i won't be too boring. 
Feel free to smile as you read this, because, that's my intention throughout this ...
I want to give to you a simple but yet very useful Present.
What is that Present ? My Present is Love.
I write this to my special someone, who's birthday is today and since we don't have 
time to be with each other, I'm going to make her an offer she can't refuse.
It's about 01.45 Am. I should be in bed sleeping, yet, i'm here writting this to her and also 
to you all.
Can I say that my Present is just beautiful in any time of the year ?
In matter of fact, that's understated, it goes all year round ...
How brilliant is that ? 
You don't have to get money to buy this. You already have it inside of you.
Try to think of one person you simply can't live without.
Thought it ? How comes in your body and mind when you think about them ?
What to do enjoy doing, alone or with someone ?
What is that feeling tickiling your entire body ?
That my friends, is my PRESENT !!! Love ...
My beautiful and special someone knows how much Love means to her.
Throughout my day, most of my thoughts are Presents to everyone.
But, more specialy to my special someone.
For all the couples out there, Instead of giving expensive flowers and romantic
dinners, try giving this special present to your respective partner.
Say to her or him, how much they are important in your life and how you cherish that.
It may sound quite chessy and quite clichet, but, it's worth the try.
You are giving the most special Present that you have ...
Your LOVE !!!
In my heart and mind, i want to do so many things to be with her, and to compensate all this time that we can't be together.
But, it's not going to be all the expensive things or the places I want to take her,
Is my Present, My love, devotion and truth to her.
I may not have all the exact words to say to her, but she understands that is not the words, is the Present much more special and valueable that counts.
Yes, i occasionaly go crazy and do something to her. Why not ?
Enjoy the Present together. That's what is so good about my Present.
You can share it with others ... It's not that hard.
Now, after you read this, Go ahead and share my Present with all people.
This Present is so precious that in reward you will get more Presents ...
And isn't that all we want ? Some Presents in the stocking, since christmas is around the corner.
Now, let me adress my Special Someone. I suggest you do the same ...
Just follow my lead ... Ok ? Here i go:

Hi, My love.
So, since it's your birthday and i know that i am with you in heart and mind, I wanted
to take this opportunity to say to you how much you make my life a Beautiful Present.
All day, all i can think is how much Love can i give to you. And the answer is always the same, All the Love you deserve and more. Because, you are special to many people.
And those people want you to share their Special Present with you.
I know it's not a great birthday gift. But, it's one that comes from My heart and from 
everyone who loves you. 
So, I will whisper in your hear, I love you always and forever more.
Happy Birthday, My love !!! XXXXX - WTA

Did you followed me ? Good ...
See, my Present is the Ultimate of Presents, Is a Divine Present.
And it's all inside of you. 
Share the Present and Feel free to Make your own Present for you and others.
Thank you for reading this. My Present is there in your heart.

Live, Learn, Love 



A special message for my G+ Circle "Hangout Family & Friends "

This post is dedicated to my G+ circle "Hangout Family and Friends"

Hi, everyone. 
If you're seeing this, you're a member of my vast growing circle of Hangout Family 
and Friends ...
I wanted to write something special to all of you who give me the oppurtunity to be
myself, in my many forms.
I feel blessed to have you from all over the world and to just have an opportunity to express myself to the best way that i know.
As i feel blessed to try to help you on your own lifes, and see your life unfolding ...
I'm sorry if i don't have all the resources to get to see you all ... But, i have big dreams.
And i like dreaming big, so, who knows ?
Everyone in the circle has a special place in my soul and in my mind and heart.
I may be not with you everyday, but, when i am i try to make it special for all ...
But. still i have my flaws that i have to work on ...
OK, after that said, here's why i'm dedicating this post for you.
I'm going to tell you a litlle secret about me.
For every laugh that i give and for everytime you make me smile and i make you smile,
there's a thousand silent tears that i don't put out there for you to see.
I don't put them, because they are private emotions that i hide.
I don't show them, but, i have to feel them and sometimes to accumulate them.
I'm not immune to emotions. And that's a positive thing.
I may not be the perfect person, but, i don't want to be that.
I just want understanding of myself, and of others, so i can help myself and others 
to overcome common obstacules. 
I like the connection that the hangouts bring to me ...
They bring a chance to reach into people that are like me or more awsome ...
And i thank google for giving the opportunity to connect myself to the world.
But, there's a time when one has to refrain from the opportunites that Social Media 
gives to oneself, and just balance himself with all that surrounds him.
When someone puts and invests a lot of friendship into the people he meet, 
it's not hard to just get lost in the many lifes he tries to help and change ...
My social media endevours have been sucessful in the order that i meet 
Extraordinary people with dreams and goals just like me ...
But, also, to have a chance to meet them outside social media.
I've done it, and i gained many many friends ...
Now, it's time for me to center myself. 
Time to not shut the door permantly of Social Media, but rather, move to leave the door
half open, for some time.
If you follow my blog, you know that i'm currently surrounded by just too many things 
i can handle myself and that deserve my attention.
So, I need to have a little hiatus.
In order to get to my best self and to have more to give to you all, i have to step aside from Social Media and stop before i crash down on my life.
I think about you and how can i reach to more people besides you ...
Life is all about teaching and learning, and by doing so, i also improve my quality of time and life. 
So, My moto following the book " Eat, Pray, Love" is something like this, " Live, Learn, Love".
First Live life and try to enjoy the moments you have.
Learn with them , in order to help yourself and other in the process.
And last but not least, LOVE !!! That's the most important thing that you have in life.
And it's the only thing that truly connects you to the world.
OK, don't know much else to say to all of you.
So, just wait until my arrival ...

Live, Learn, Love ...

Namaste ...