Learning and loving even more the most beautiful beings in the world, women.

Hi everyone !! Happy 2014 for you all !!
So, i decided to take this year to change a lot of things about myself.
Not some resolutions that i couldn't stick with.
Some real ones. Just because, i want to achieve my dreams and be in peace
with everything around me.
Things in my love life are on their way. I just have to be patient and do my part.
I'm still the man who likes to be a true friend and help.
I just will be more truthful to my values.
Still, it is in my troubled moments that Love reveals another thing to me.
Since i was a little boy, my main family were mostly female.
Because, i didn't have a father figure, i putted the roll on the female
who resembled mostly that part, which was and still is to this day, my grandmother.
While my mom took care of me, it was my grandmother who teached me about
values of honesty, work ethics and responsibility towards everything.
I was surrounded by women all my time.
And I couldn't be more fascinated and astonished by them.
But yet, i was just a little kid, trying to understand how the grown-up world worked.
Gone were the days of my childhood, and on to my teens, the most hard time for me.
Still, i was intrigued by the other side.
Most of them, were discovering Love and boys.
Boys were discovering their roles and their sexuality.
I, on the other hand, i just observed others, and tried to interact with some of them.
It were troubled times for me.
The more i tried to learn, the worst my situations grew.
So, i didn't have any girlfriend, because, i lacked the fundamentals of a boy.
I was always the kid who was picked upon. I had no "game" with the girls, just because,
i grew with a certain type of values, teached by family.
Yet, girls liked me as a friend. I had no problems with that, the only problem was when the boundaries of friendship were a little bit blurry.
And again, i tried to understand what they were thinking when they picked boys who were treating them like i was taught not to.
I wanted them to see me as the guy who would treat them the way i was to taught.
Anyway, i grew up knowing that girls wouldn't see me as boyfriend material, so, i just accepted that and moved on ...
Yet again, i sticked to my principles and values.
What i discovered in the midst of all this, was that either them or me were wrong.
They are just working things out for themselves. Sometimes, they get it right, sometimes, they don't. 
Yes, i tried to help some of them, into getting a better and a truthful version of themselves, so that they could achieve what they want. 
And what amazes me is the potential that they show in some things.
Specially mothers. Well, all mums don't come with a instruction book, saying that this is the way you handle them. But, from what i've seen through out my life is simply incredible and never ceases to amaze me.
I writting this to honour and also make my statement about what motherhood represents to me. 
Right now, i found out that one of my facebook girl friend is a grandmother.
She said that when she was holding her grandchild it brought her back 24 years back,

when she was delivering her daughter. 
And the same thing is happening as i write with my g+ and fellow blogger +TheHip Grandmother. Seeing the excitment and the hope of a newborn, makes me astonished of
how much a woman can stand. 
Her daugther showed a picture on her facebook profile of the anatomical view of birth and implied that men couldn't endure that.
That made me recall the video of the future dads that were exposed to a experiment in order to them to feel what is almost birth pains.
All of them, aggreed and were amused on what their respective other have to go through.
And remember this was only done with some electrodes on their stomach area and apllied some shocks to mimic contractions.
Besides that, their whole perspective changes just because of this human being that was created.
Women are much more than we can imagine. 
Just because i'm a man, doesn't mean that i don't have anything to offer them.
Actually, what i offer to my special someone goes way beyond what she really deserves.
Yet, I offer that with honour and Love ... 
In writting this post, I wanted to say how much appreciation i can't describe towards them. Specially, the ones that i love ... 
And i say to them all, that I can only be honoured to be taught by them, how much important they really are in life ... 
So, Thank you to all Women. But, more specially to the ones that i carry in my heart.
Bless you with all the Love that i can give to you, as a sign of gratefulness.
Namaste !!! 

Live, Learn, Love