To my Mom ( Tribute to Motherhood )

This post s going to be one of the most difficult i write.
Because, it's going to talk about someone i owe my life.

A person who, even with her flaws, just wanted to be happy.
And that person is my mom ...
On march 9, it will be 2 years of her passage. 
And as a son, i had some issues with her. 
But, despite all of that, i loved her.
After all said and done, she left me so much in me and to me.
All I do is because, she was a human being on her path.
The day she died was surreal. But, in the end, i knew she was at peace.
Not suffering. That was truly important to me.
I try to honour her by being the man she taught me to be.
Taught to be a friends friend, taught to help and give a help in hand.
Taught how you should treat a woman. How to be a husband almost.
She was actually collecting things for when i got married or live with someone.
She wanted grandchildren, but, given my situation, she knew it was hard.
Now, i see the miracle of motherhood, coming to the daugher of my friend and
fellow blogger, +TheHip Grandmother
And i know for certain that baby Victoria, will have plenty of love, from both mom, 
grandmom and extended family.
I know that for all that i know, i just scratch the surface of what is truly mothehood.
Yet, is to all of my female friends who have the blessing of having sons and daughters,
that i try to write what it means to be a mother.
But, most specially to my girlfriend ...
Knowing her struggle now happily finished, makes me feel more humbled.
I saw how much motherhood meant to her. Despite all things she had to go through.
That made me feel so utterly small and so mesmerized.
How i can give to this woman, just a small part of the love she gives to her son ?
That's when i remembered how my mom struggled to have money to pay the bills.
To keep her house afloat.
And with all that meant and not having the support of a man who truly helped and supported her and her son.
That's the challenge i face ...
Motherhood is a proof that Love is what we all have inside of us.
A mother is someone who is there to guide and to protect. 
To help and to confort in a moment of need.
And her undeniable Love is one of the most treasured presents the world has to give.
So, My big Thank You to all the mothers o the world who with love, change the world 
and leave the world with a sense of acomplishment, so honourful and so, sometimes,
I will put down 2 videos that i think they reprensent what is a mother.
See you all in another post ...

Love you Mom ... Your Son ...

Live, Learn, Love.

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