Where you've been ??? Where are you ???

This is what i get from staying low for a while.
Just as i'm trying to collect all the stuff i wrote in paper, all my scribbles and drafts, aka,
poems and some love letters and some other stuff, I get a sense on how much chaotic
my life is right now.
When i started this blog, i wanted to write about positive things. And my ethics on the blog is: if i don't have anything goood to say to anyone, i just stay silent.
These couple of months have been a roller coaster.
A BIG learning curve in one way, and a lot of chaos entering through the main gate.
So, just before i entered a serious "crash and burn" state, i decided to lay for a while.
No friend of mine has the right to see me being rude and being unapologetic about something i did out of just plain complete bad mind state.
So, I rather be laying low, than to be a party killer for anyone ...
I am far away from everyone including myself.
I'm just not ready yet to talk or to post somethings on the G+ side of life.
There's a lot going on, and, i'm just struggling to get myself straighten out.
Where am I ? Honestly, i don't know the answer to that.
I'm just trying to maintain my mind into not thinking other things ...
I don't have a answer to give to you when i'm going to be back to my normal self.
Maybe, i will never be on my normal self. Maybe, i just building a new state of being me.
And all i know is that i don't want to bother you with things that only i can understand.
So, where am i ?? My profile pic, says everything ...
So, i'm sorry if i can't say where i am ...
Namaste ...

Live, Learn, Love ...