Random Acts of Kindness

Hello ...

I decided to write down something, because, A- I tend to forget if i don't write down what i want to and B- It's something worth writting and sharing with all of you ...

I have to apologize if my writting isn't very simple, it's just because i have so much to do and so much to work through and if i don't put all in, i will lose my mind over it.

In the midst of all the chaos going on around me and inside me, there's moments when i 
stumble upon myself doing something out of ordinary. 
And when i look back at them, i realize that all i did was just a spur of the moment thing.
Something i usualy not do often because of many factors.

I decided to call them " Random Acts of Kindness." 
Because, all i create is just a suprise and a memory for the person.

The first one that i realized i did, was back in June 7. 
I had my gear ready to do a book release event, but, I  was, for unknown reasons, 
not feeling in to do or even be at the event. 
But, the gentleman and friend side of me, insisted that i had to do it, since this was
a book release by one of my publishing friends, and did have a postcard to deliver, 
as a suprise to her. 
I wandered around town and sat down near the river. ( check my photo album ) 
This was almost in the begining of the afternoon, so, people just enjoying themselves,
enjoying the scenary. And me, in need of some relaxation.
My mind was going rampid wild. I was tired of walking around with my gear, and i needed
just a moment to calm down.
So, i sat near a girl who was lying in the floor, reading a book. 
The moment i looked at her, something went off. 
She was just there, with no worries, just being herself.
I couldn't stop looking at her. Thank God i was wearing my sunglasses. 
No, i didn't have the pervert look. I was just trying to come to my senses of what 
was happening. Looking around, looking into the river in front of me. 
Looking for reasons of why was this happening. 
Suddenly, i took my faithful paper notebook and in my mind a song played in my 
head, over and over again to the point i was singing just for me. 
The song is called " Loucos de Lisboa ", which is roughly translated as " Fools of Lisbon ",
and describes just the plain innocence of a fool in Lisbon, and their abilty to make 
us believe in their imagination.
And i started to write a poem to this girl, right next to me.
The words just rushed into the paper. I had to write them down. It was imperative.
After all this, my mind went into a stall.
" What was i going to do with what i just wrote ? ".
 "I could keep it for myself or i just go there and deliver this to her."
That's what i thought. I waited and thought hard. and again, my senses said that
the only thing i had to do was to deliver the poem to her, since, this poem was not
about me, it rightfully belonged to the girl.
So, as i'm about to leave, i ripped the page of and out on a limb approached her.
Said that i was sorry that i was looking too much at her, that i was a poet and 
i wrote this poem for her.
Her reaction was a litlle bit suprised, not knowing how to react to this guy, who
was being nice to her and also delivering a poem that he wrote. She thanked me.
And i thanked her, wished her a nice afternoon, and moved along...
I didn't sign the paper. Didn't put my facebook or any type of contact.
I didn't take her picture also.
All i did was just responding almost to a calling inside of me.
I had to do that. For no particular reason. It gave me a smile.
Long story short, I went to the event, set my gear up and 15 minutes later, 
I had to leave. Basicaly, i think now, i had a panic attack.
Later that evening, i posted this story in my profile and my writer and poet friends,
liked the uniqueness of this ..
For those of you who don't know, I write some things, that people call poetry, 
in my language. And when i say that i write some things, it's because, 
I don't consider myself a writer or a poet. I just do something that i love.

I thought that was going to be an isolated act. 
But, it happened again, in the same place, this time circunstances and the girl was
I was with my friend talking to him, showing some advice to him on some matters.
And since writting is somewhat therapheutic, i said to him to write something down,
as i was going to do some photos.
Went across the sidewalk just looking around, doing some random photos.
And then, i came across this girl that was stting down, almost in the same place
where the other was and she was writting and having a warm drink.
Again, i was immediately drawn to her. This time, it was because the cover of her
notebook, was the poster of one of my all time favourite movies " The fabulous destiny
of Amélie."
And i rushed towards my bag to take my pen and notebook and said to him,
Wait for me. I'm going to do something crazy again.
Sat next to her. Wrote the poem called " Tea and words ".
With no hesitation, delivered the poem. She was very suprised also, but, cheerful about
it. She was foreign and understood what i was giving to her. 
This time putted my facebook profile, if she wanted to see the photo ...
Her reaction was beautiful, big smile, huge thanks to me. 
Putted a big smile on me.

So, " Randoms acts of Kindness " are these moments. 
When, without thinking, i just give someone a suprise and a memory.
It's not about the gesture, i think is all about putting a smile and making
of a memory. 

And the proof ?

Here's the proof ...

So, i guess, in the midst of all of chaos, I still have time to do
" Random Acts of Kindness"...


Live, Learn, Love

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